Megan Fleming (megguendo) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Megan Fleming


So I requested shipping on my Very First SMJ Box *magical sparkle noise* hoping for it to come on my birthday.

Even better, it came a day early! Hooray!

The Blue Bed Brigade comes to investigate.

(Glaceon) Jeez, there must be like a million new friends in here!
(Shinx) Aww, but I was having fun being the new guy.
(Piplup) All I know is, I'm the Big Guy around here, and if there's anyone in their my size, they're gonna be in trouble.

(Glaceon) SnooPEANUTS usual I see... ahahah-...! Uh, Piplup, you're not gonna like this first guy...

First out of the box, this big happy Buizel who I got for a BIN of 300 yen. *Strut* He has a loose thread on his eye, though. Nothing a pair of scissors won't fix.

The other new Big'un. I call her Bling Monkey.

Now to kick off the smaller guys, it's Contest Ribbon Torchic.

And Plusle and Minun from the same series. I already had Treecko from this series, so now all I need is the Mudkip. ...Yeah. Good luck to me.

The others from Plusle and Minun's lot. My initial thought on these three was to put them aside to sell or trade some day when I ask for permission... but then I came down with the Buizel Love Bug and decided I'd keep him, and the Pikachu turned out to be reeeeaaaally cute in person and Turtwig... Well I don't know. asdfdf

BABY GIGGLES. *more keyboard diarrhea*

And fuzzy little Combusken. <3

(Shinx) Wow, I guess I don't mind not being the New Guy anymore with so many friends around!
(Glaceon) I told you, no need to worry! ...Piplup, come play with everybody!
(Piplup) ........No.

This may look like the end, but wait! There's some non-plush as well.

Firefly Zukan and Volbeat TOMY figure. Now the only Zukan I need is the Wurmple line one! ...And the other two Burmy Zukan (trash and sand) but they're not top priority. Anyway, I don't know if I can make a ball of HandiTak small enough to put under Roselia, lol ._.

Seedot line Pokedex Figures! I looove Pokedex figures. I like the way they feel for some reason o_O; anyway.

Anorith and Armaldo tooooo. <3

The rest from the set the Seedot line came in. These ones probably WILL go in a "Someday I'll sell or trade you" box.

The rest from the set Anorith and Armaldo were in. I'm probably gonna box these ones too but that Plusle/Minun one is SO CUTE I can't stand it so.. they might go live on my dresser. Lol.

...Oh snap! Now I just remembered I bought a Wurmple one sepearate from the others... He's probably still buried in peanuts. You'll get to see him later I guess.

I might get some stuff tommorow too so there could be another update then lol. Now to go re-arrange everyone...
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