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Group Auction time perhaps?

Hi everyone!

Anyone want to do a group auction on this big ol' lot?


The only thing I want out of the lot is the TOMY Eevee (I'm putting around $10 on it), so everything else (including the sleeping bag and pillow) are up for grabs. Seeing as none of these plush are all that rare or unusual, there's no starting bid as long as you recognize you have to pay shipping from me to you and Paypal fees on top of whatever you offer. Shipping shouldn't be too expensive at all on most of these, though. If we win the lot for less than the combined offers, everyone gets a discount!

We only have nineteen hours until the auction ends, and I would want payment within a day or two at most after that, so be sure you have the money to put up for the items. I'm used to estimating shipping on things so if you want a shipping estimate on a particular item so you can be sure you can afford it, that would be fine. :)

Highest offer on each plush at the time of the auction ending in nineteen hours wins it! I hope some of you are interested! It's a good opportunity for some cheap plush!

- Sleeping bag -- heenz -- $10
- Pillow
- 1/1 scale Togepi - tufails -- $4
- Medium Talking Togepi -- jaebird -- $4
- Treecko -- heenz -- $3
- Minun -- heenz -- $3
- Plusle
- Small Torchic
- Poliwhirl
- Mudkip -- burntheashes0 -- $8
- Raichu -- jaebird -- $5
- Psyduck
- Snorlax
- Small Blastoise -- heenz -- $3
- Ivysaur -- heenz -- $5
- Charizard
- Small Pikachu -- jaebird -- $3
- Small Pikachu 2 (behind small Blastoise) -- heenz -- $3
- Medium Pikachu
- Large Pikachu -- heenz -- $5
- Large Torchic
- Large Charmander
- Cyndaquil -- tufails -- $6
- Large Bulbasaur -- heenz -- $9
- Large Blastoise -- heenz -- $10
- Large Clefairy -- heenz -- $5

Also, I've got these two lots up on Ebay in case anyone is interested:


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