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July gets

And who's better than Pika July to start this post ? :)

In early July took place the Japan Expo, a French convention around Japanese culture. Thus I bought some artists' arts, aren't they cute ? :3

Then I got a lot of plushies, of old plushies... from the last century in fact x)

I mainly bought the lot for Lapras, Vileplume and Bellossom. But Vulpix is really nice too and its color is so bright.
As they were a little grungy, I decided to put them into the washing machine even if it's not the best thing to do (lots of glued parts or painted eyes). But this was a case of force majeure lol And finally most of them ended well o/

I finally purchased the TCG illustrations book that I've wanted for a while. It is really beautiful!

I also received the newest set of Kids figures which astonishingly includes only 8 models instead of 12 usually. I think it's because this is the Movie set. Besides the poses are rather dynamic. It reminds me the Kimewaza (even if none really launches an attack).

Since I'm a Shiny collector, I had to get these cards

I was writing that I had to find Rayquaza too, but I've just realized that I won one a few days ago xDDD

And of course like most of you I succumbed to the Hiroshima Chus ^^

I'm happy because they are really better in real than on the official pictures.
The Shiny exclusive merch is still in Japan, really looking forward to receive them :)

Finally my last pennies went to this adorable Shaymin Petit with more Hiroshima stuff :3

Thank you for reading :)

You can see more pictures on my collection website o/

I also have a Fb page (don't hesitate to like and comment ^^):
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