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Clearance sales + tin trade

Recently, I fell into the dangerous trap that is Yahoo Japan and FJ! Goodbye forever, my money~ I read all the wonderful tutorials and even made my first order, which should be here sometime soon I think! So, to fund even more of my collection, I need to hold some sales (Gosh, I can't keep up with all the new eeveelu merch...) Plus I need to get rid of these stuff so my room can be clean. I significantly cut down on most prices and added even more things than before! Take a look if you want!

- Sales permission granted on September 19, 2014 by entirelycliched.
- My feedback:
- Payment by paypal only, please.
- I ship from MI, USA.
- Prices are in USD and do not include shipping/fees unless otherwise stated.
- International buyers ok! But the postage price would be higher, so please ask for a quote before buying if you are concerned!
- Trades are welcome! My wants are here: It shoooould be up to date now, I think.
- All PKMNCollectors community rules apply- that means people who commit first get priority!
- Holds are ok as long as you are 100% committed; just tell me how long and we can work something out.
- I have the right to refuse to sell to banned members or people I don't feel comfortable dealing with.
- I sometimes recycle boxes for shipping materials.
- I cannot be held responsible for lost or damaged items after they are in the hands of the post office.
- Please be patient with me as I can sometimes be a slow replier/shipper depending on what I am doing at that time.
- I allow haggling, but since I already lowered these prices significantly, I might not accept. Please don't be offended! But I do want to get rid of these stuff so don't be afraid to ask!
- Most of the listed plush are old, used, and in varying condition. I believe I marked most major damage, but there may be details I've missed. Please ask me to check again closer for details if concerned!
- I live in a smoke-free home, but I have a pet rabbit although she has absolutely no contact with my items.
- I am also listing some of these items on eBay so if it sells here I'll have to take the listing down and vice versa.
- I know these pictures are bad-quality (3DS camera), so if you want close-ups of anything, just ask!
- Click on a picture to see a bigger image.
- If you have any further questions, feel free to ask!

old pikachu plush No Tag $3
piplup plush TTO $5
Japanese mega ampharos plush MWT (but there is crease on tag) $27
bootie Halloween umbreon plush MWT $2
large azurill plush No Tag $10
poliwhirl plush TTO $5
charmander plush No Tag $4

mewtwo mpc plush MWT $7
elekid plush TTO $3
igglybuff plush No Tag $12
wooper plush (whiskers are splitting) No Tag $12
lucario petit plush MWT $8
hoothoot plush No Tag $3
snubble plush No Tag $3
wigglytuff plush TTO $3
wobbufett plush No Tag $3
jigglypuff plush (string on head is broken) TTO $3
small azurill plush (left cheek has damage) TTO $3
ledyba plush TTO (tush tag has mark) $3
shimmery pichu pouch No Tag $3
shimmery togepi pouch TTO $4

oddish, meowth, golbat BK plush TTO
pikachu plush MWT
pikachu plush No Tag
plusle plush No Tag
poliwhirl BK plush No Tag
All $1

Tomy talking pichu plush TTO (needs new batteries or talk box may be permanently broken idk, has stain on face) $4

McDonalds toys $0.50 each
Sold: zorua, zoroark

croagunk peeking goods lot, all MWT $38 shipped within the US

flareon bag MWT $40
jolteon bag MWT $40
plusle and minun plush backpack TTO $5

pikachu peeking bag MWT $40 shipped within the US

eeveelution pattern pouch MWT $15
eevee and flowers pattern pouch MWT $15
pink eevee roll bag MWT $8
yellow eevee roll bag MWT $8

eevee fuzzy pouch with carabiner MWT $10
jolteon fuzzy pouch with carabiner MWT $10
flareon fuzzy pouch with carabiner MWT $10

canvas sketchbook, brand new $18
tenugui cloth MIP $10

empty rayquaza tcg tin (also features charizard and garchomp) like new condition $5

eeveelution TPU cover for Nintento 3DS XL MIP $18
eevee hard case for Nintendo 3DS XL MIP $18
eevee touch pen for Nintendo 3DS XL MIP $6
jolteon sequin charm MIP $12
flareon sequin charm MIP $12
leafeon sequin charm MIP $12
sylveon sequin charm standing ver. MIP $14
sylveon sequin charm sitting ver. MIP $14

team magma and team aqua pins $5 for both
sylveon touch pen $5
flareon touch pen $3
poliwhirl roll stamper (it is old so ask for condition if it bothers you) $5
chansey roll stamper (it is old so ask for condition if it bothers you) $5
pikachu and shaymin name tag thing $1
blaziken medal(?) from the deoxys movie $10 (not sure how to price this)
yveltal and pikachu stickers $0.50 each or free with a purchase
leafeon sticker $3

eevee sequin charm, lightly used $5
old-school mewtwo keychain $2
sparkly mew pencil $3

old pencils- please note the damage (whitening) that some have
ninetails is sold
rapidash, growlithe, zapdos, gengar, magikarp/gyarados, doduo/dodrio, ekans, bellsprout/weepinbell, shellder/cloyster, horsea/seadra, omanyte/omastar, graveler/golem, magmar, grimer, staryu/starmie $1 each

very damaged pencils- free with a purchase
venusaur, dratini/dragonair, clefairy

DP pencils featuring turtwig, pikachu, piplup, chimchar, darkrai, palkia, and dialga $1 each

AG pencils
pikachu, munchlax $1 each
rayquaza, kyogre, groudon $3 each

meowth tretta with inserts MIP $1
tissue packs $1 each

pokemon time tins $10 each except secret tins are $16
(candy not included cuz I ate them all)
Sold: espeon, glaceon, x2 secret tin

Ichiban kuji 2013 cup and bowl set $20 shipped within the US (2 sets available)

pikachu and minccino tail clearfiles MIP $7 each
sylveon clearfile $4 (I have multiples)

set of 5 vintage postcards $10 (2 sets available)

Pokemon macaroni (expiration date 1/14/15) $2
movie short clearfile/binder, lightly used $4

ichiban kuji 2013 pokedoll handkerchiefs MIP $5 each
ditto peeking handkerchief MWT $8

Team Magma's groudon ex $6
Kyurem ex (Legendary Treasures) $2.50
Japanese full art camerupt ex $6
Japanese heatran ex $4
Japanese aggron ex $4
Japanese M rayquaza ex $12
Japanese reshiram ex and zekrom ex (from EX Battle Strength decks) $4 each or $7 for both
Prices based mostly on Troll and Toad
These are just my ultra rare cards. I have tons of pokemon cards (like about 1500 or so), so if you want to see if I have a certain card, just ask me "do you have this card/pokemon?" or show me your list or something (^^) I am always open to trades as well!

TCG coins $1 each
Team Aqua, Team Magma, Kalos starters, mega lucario, yveltal, orange deoxys, black deoxys, blue deoxys, zoroark, salamence, reshiram, zekrom, arceus, shaymin and jirachi, Unova starters, elements, dialga, gloom

paper from Japanese HGSS tcg pack featuring ho-oh, totodile, noctowl, and wobbuffett $2
Pokemon Center Christmas ornaments MIP $5 for both

2012 McDonalds calendar $3
Pictures inside:

Japan McDonalds Happy Meal packaging (has creases) $6 (not sure how to price this)

trozei sticker sheet $5
shaymin sky form  sticker $1

Gotochi list flyer $1
Thieves and the 1000 Pokemon promotional flyer $1
Pokemon Center Tokyo promotional flyer $1

Pokemon XY anime promotional flyer $1
Gold xerneas and yveltal 3DS promotional flyer $1
movie promotional flyer featuring all movies from mewtwo to victini $1

Red genesect movie promotional flyer $1
Charizard tcg battle promotional flyer $1
Diancie movie promotional flyer $1

Pokemon Battle Trozei poster featuring every single 718 pokemon $2

umbreon, flareon, vaporeon trump card theme plush MWT $16 each

espeon and umbreon custom bead figures $10 each
They are completely handmade, and are about 1.5 inches tall. I can make more of these to order!

sylveon, shiny sylveon, special pink-eyed sylveon custom bead figures $12 each
They are completely handmade, and are about 1.5 inches tall. The feelers have wires inside them so they are posable. I can make more of these to order!

suicune custom bead figure $20 SOLD, but I can make a limited amount more of these to order!
It is completely handmade, and is about 3.75 inches tall. The ribbon tails have wire inside them so they are posable.

I can take a few slots for custom bead pokemon figures. Prices depend on the complexity of the pokemon. Feel free to inquire if interested!

Finally, I have an extra tin from the 2012 eevee collection that I want to trade for the new Pokemon Center tin shown below. I would rather not buy/sell this right now. Let me know if you would be interested! Found! Thank you prawnographer!

Thank you for looking!
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