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Flashback Friday: Pokemon Symphony! Pokemon Musical goods? ♪🎶

As July is over, this past month was pretty awesome being able to go Pokemon Symphonic Evolutions concert near my area in San Jose! It was a great time hearing the selection of songs and meeting a few collectors from the community! I wish they had a special Maestro Pikachu plush to purchase. :/

Pikazard had an amazing time!

I am wondering if there are old promotions from the Pokemon Center Japan with a music theme or anything musical. I can only think of the new Pikachu and Friends Music Party Ichiban Kuji that was released recently, Pokemon With You Melody goods, and Spooky Party Halloween promo. Anything with musical notes, instruments, musical related, I'd like to see! Was there ever an official Poke Flute released?? Also, it would be cool if the Pokemon Center released music box figures similar the the Mega Tokyo one. XD

One day I'll need to get the Japanese Pokemon soundtracks. I have a CD from the Pokémon Reorchestrated fan group. But I'll like to build up a Pokemon musical goods related collection~

Pics under the cut include my large poster and t-shirt I purchased at the concert. Pokemon With You Melody plush, t-shirt, and memo pad.

The poster is huge! I figured they were going to be very big based off the Zelda Symphony concert posters.

The shirts were in unisex size so I got a small. Fits me fine!

I wore the Pokemon Melody shirt to the concert. It was perfect with all the Pokemon singing to musical notes~ ♪ ♫ ~ Anyone can read the notes and see if there's a special melody on the shirt design??

I love the Pokemon With You Melody memo pad~ ♫ ~ Also, happy Pikazard with all the musical notes around him.

Hope you all get to attend the Pokemon Symphony soon and for there to be more wave of concerts with the 20th anniversary next year! ♫♫
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