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Permanent sales post!

Hello everyone! This is my permanent sales post :D Please feel free to have a look around! :3

Sales permission granted by areica96 on 1/08/15, and here is my feedback: http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/view/miss_minccino/

General rules:
- All PKMNcollectors rules apply.
- I have the right to not sell to ANY member if they have negative feedback.
- I will not sell to banned or non-members.
- PLEASE let me know if you want a quote, or if you want to commit. Commitments take priority over quotes.
- Backing out of a sale (when committed) will result in a negative feedback.
- I am open to trades! Looking for anything to do with lucario riolu buizel staraptor or luxray related
- Feel free to haggle! Please don't be offended if I refuse your offer, I will most likely respond with a counter offer if I don't agree with your price. :)
- All items are currently kept in a smoke-free, pet-free home.
- Items that were owned before me have been wiped thoroughly. But I cannot be sure if they were from a smoke/ pet free home.
- I re-cycle packaging. Let me know if you aren't happy with this, and I will see what I can do. :)
- I consider the transaction complete when the buyer has left feedback.
- Don't be shy to ask me for feedback! I'm more than happy to help!
- If you have any problems, please let me know BEFORE leaving neutral / negative feedback. :)

Payment / shipping

- All prices are in USD.
- All prices have been converted from GBP to USD
- All prices do not include shipping / fees (unless marked).
- Paypal is my main method of payment. I will also accept cash, for orders under $10 but cash is SENT AT YOUR OWN RISK.
- Please send payment within 24 hours after committing or me giving a quote. If payment isn't received within 24 hours, the item gets passed along to the next buyer.

- I ship from London, UK.
- I will ship internationally.
- I have a post office very close, so I tend to ship at least once a week!
- If there is a delay in sending your item, I will let you know!
- I will also let you know when your item has been dispatched.
- Once an item is out of my hands, I CAN NOT BE HELD RESPONSIBLE FOR IT. However, please contact me if you experience any problems.
- For addresses in the UK, my default shipping method is Royal Mail second class. If you require first class, let me know and I can upgrade to first class for an extra fee. Same applies for tracking. I don't include it be default, but let me know if you would like it, for an extra fee!
- For international addresses, my default shipping method is airmail, without tracking. If you require tracking, let me know and I can add it for an extra fee.
- - No more than 2 freebies can be claimed per customer. This is to make sure everyone gets a fair share of freebies! <33

I don't bite! If you have any questions or need more photos, please ask! <3

Banpresto plushes:

Keldeo - $15
Azelf - $20
Mesprit - $20

All of these banpresto plushes have their tush tags, hang tags and white hanging string.


Minccino and Snivy dancing plushes - $14 each
SOLD: Snivy
These run off batteries and when you hold them they dance :D

Drilbur and pansage jakks (bnwt) - $4 each or both for $7
Squirtle (bnwt) - $4
Slightly dirty reversible mew (unzips and turns into pokeball) - $5

Fennekin tomy plush, no hang tag but comes with tush tag intact. Very fluffy ears :D - $7 SOLD

Pikachu (no tush tag or hangtag) - $3 or free with purchase of over $15
Bellosom - $4
Poliwhirl (has some scuffs on the eyes, can provide more photos if necessary) - $3 or free with a purchase of over $15 SOLD

Top row - $4 each
Bottom row - $3 each sold: shaymin
Pikachu is $2 because of some scuffs SOLD

Celebi - $5
Clear celebi - $5
Pikachu (still sealed) - $5
Clear Pikachu - $5
Pepsi keyring -$3

Keyring straps - $2 each apart from virizion - $3
Scuffed turtwig is $0.50 or free with purchase SOLD

Sold: Manaphy, Driftblim, Turtwig, Pidove and Lickylicky

Discount available if you buy more than one!

Broken pieces, $0.30 each or get one free with purchase

Old school keychains! $3 each

SOLD: venusaur, charizard and nidorina

Pepsi keyrings: $3 each
Open Cinccino keyring - $2

SOLD: Scrafty

Rare 90's keyrings - $10 each
can provide more pictures upon request

I'm also selling hundreds of cards! You can tell me who you're looking for and I'll have a look or you can purchase a randomly selected bundle of commons.

Please note that no holo cards are included in these bundles

10x cards - $2
30x cards - $5

Manaphy Zukan. In excellent condition with all pieces. $20 OR willing to trade for the Buizel/ Floatzel zukan from the same series.

Musha / Musharna Zukan - a few scratches on the base, and a small scratch on the Musharna figure itself. $15

Kids are $2 each - the small $2 kids smell faintly of tabacco (buy three $2 kids and get one $2 kid free)
Gallade DX and MIB froakie are $4 each

Kids! $2 each apart from the eeveelutions which are $3 each!


SOLD: Chikorita, Purugly, Typhlosion, Vaporeon

Lucario - $3
Typhlosian - $3

Tomy figures:

Flareon - $5 sold
Yvetal (not sure if it's the right stand but it's included!) - $8
Reneclius - $3
Gothitelle - $3
Druddigon - $3

Pokedex ID cards - $0.50 each or free with a purchase of the corresponding pokemon (so reneclius and gothitelle)

Misc figures:

$2 each
Empoleon and suitcune chou pieces are $3, and the tiny figures at the front (poliwhirl, mesprit and togepi) $1 each

SOLD: 2X Lugia, suicune

Ash and Jirachi - $4
Ash and Darkrai (no peg for Darkrai) - $4SOLD
Spare Ash figure and base thing - $2 for both

Scuffed thinkchip Pikachu - $2 or FREE with any purchase (may rise shipping cost) SOLD
Jakks Pikachu - $3
Broken zukan mammoswine (no tusks) - $2
Reshiram (a few scuffs) - $3 SOLD

Stadium figures - $3 each or both for $5
Kyruem figure - $3
Palkia figure - $2
TCG coins (torchic is a little bit scuffed) - $0.50 each or free with a purchase of over $6 (before shipping) SOLD
Pikachu and oshawott clear plastic keyring thing - $4

Genesect audio jack and screenwipe figure BNIP - $6
Dialga DS stylus BNIP - $4
Zoroark and Zoura keyrings - $4 each
Pansage figure BNIP - $2

Eeveelutions - $5 each
Other ones - $3 each

I have loads of these nice stickers featuring gen 1 pokemon! Please ask which character you're interested in and I'll have a look! $0.50 each

Pokemon logo stickers - $0.20 each
Ash and Pikachu stickers - $0.75 each

Eeveelutions - $4 each
Others - $2 each (Buy three get one free)

Gone: celebi

Unova stickers! $0.30 each or get one free with a purchase of $5 (before shipping)

Jakks marbles! $1 each, buy two get one free! (Please ask about conditions as they vary, also, I have more than one of some marbles so please ask if the pokemon you want is in stock :3 )

Action flipz! These are really cool little cards featuring the original 151 pokemon (gen 1) They're lenticular and show the evolutions. I have loads of these, so please ask which pokemon you're interested in! Prices vary from $1-$3 depending on the character.

oldschool pencils! $1 each and there's a discount available if you buy more than 3!

Eeveelution pencil caps - $2.50 each
other pencil caps - $0.50 (or get one free with a purchase of a pencil - counts towards 2 freebies per customer!)

Rare vintage card folder. Not really sure how to price this but I've seen some on ebay going for a lot @_@ Going to price it as $30 but please make me an offer!

Pokemon 4ever (works on UK DVD players) - $5
Import Cyndaquil DVD (doesnt work on UK DVD players, not sure where it does work) - $8

Thank you for reading!
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