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New things

I have received some new items in the mail and have updated my collection photos.

One of these new gets is the Pokemon Casio Camera that was released the day the Hiroshima Pokemon Center opened.

I also received some of my Pikachu Carnival items, which I have also uploaded on to my collection page.

I know a lot of you do not look at other links, but I just uploaded over 30 photos on my collection page, and I do not want to load all the pictures up here as well.

So here is the direct links to my new items if you guys want to see the pictures.

Hiroshima Pokemon Center

Pikachu Carnival

This is the main album page to the rest of my collection that I have cataloged so far. Tsuiling's Albums

I am still playing with the camera, but this is what I think....

It is a very basic Casio camera. It is small and light, but it is still slightly bigger than my current camera. I have been trying to find a manual for this exact model in English, but from what I can tell, this model has only been released in Japan. However, I did find the language setting and set it to English. There were only two language options, English and Japanese.

As you can see from the photos, there is a Pikachu printed in the front, and when you start up the camera a Pikachu shows up on the screen.
Unfortunately there are no Pokemon sounds. I think it would have been fun if they added sounds. I certainly would have like to hear "Pika" every time I took a picture. :)

The camera comes with 30 Pokemon images to add to your pictures. A lot of the images are related to the Hiroshima Pokemon center. If you want to see the images, please go to my collection page. I have loaded a reference picture and used all 30 images. The way I placed the images is not set, I can actually move them to different spots on the photo.

small edit: I fogot to mention that you can put more than one image in a photo. For example, if you want to put in the Mew and Pikachu in the same picture, it can be done.

What I do not like about the images is that you cannot select the image, then take the picture. You have to take the picture, then select the image to add on. If you can see, there are some Pokemon frames. I haven't figured out how to make the frame bigger to fit the picture, and this camera did not exactly come with detailed instructions on how to use the Pokemon images. The back of the slip cover is the only place in the entire package that talks about the images, but since I cannot read Japanse, I am not sure what it says.

another edit: I have figured out how to make the frames bigger to fit the picture. :) It turns out I can make the character images bigger as well. :) I think I should have figured this out before I made the post. LOL

It is a lot of fun to play with. :) I probably will need to invest in another camera battery since I have been using it so much.

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