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The 100 Pikachus of a "non" Pika collector mwahaha

I know I've posted not so long ago my July gets, but I received new ones on the very last days of the month and I had to share them with you :)

Indeed, on the 30th I received these Pikachu from different Pokémon Stores

I'm really fond of this line of Pikachu Workers, especially the Pilots which are very high quality. So I was really happy when they released a female version with the Cabin Assistant (I still have to buy the Chitose and Kansai ones, but no money ^^).

So excited by these new gets I decided to take a photo with all the Pika Workers I own.

They are so beautiful, and this picture really looks like a Company picture lol

And then I realized something: I had finally reached the insane number of 100 Pikachu plushies :O
So I had to take a picture, even if I needed a lot of courage lol Because I remembered the Pika picture taken one year ago and all the time spent to display the plushies and then put them in their boxes.

Besides, let's see what my Pika collection looked like a year ago
pas de titre
About 46 Pikachus

And what it looks like now....

It took me one hour and a half to display them xDD
OMG it's so crazy!!! Because as the title mentions, I was not planning to collect Pikachu. I thought that I would have some of them, but definitely not that they would represent about 1/6 of my plushies collection! :O
I think that all began when I discovered the Pikachus exclusive to each Pokémon Center such as the Fukuoka one which wears typical accessories of the town festival. I found this so great that I started to hunt all the exclusive Chus (even if I still miss ones of course, such as Sapporo or Nagoya). And then happened the tragedy of the Pokémon Stores xDD
You also have the beautiful series such as Rainbow, Cosplay, Monthly for which you need to own all of them since they are all awesome %)
Then Banpresto made a lot of big and soft Pikachus with pastel colors, so cute :3
And finally there are all the other nice Pikachus released by Pokémon Center.
In brief, that's how you come up to 100 Pikachus x) And I love so many of them that it's almost impossible to choose a favorite. But the lifesize Pikazard is definitely one of them <3

Thank you for reading, I hope you liked this Pika post :3

You can see more pictures on my collection website o/

I also have a Fb page (don't hesitate to like and comment ^^):
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