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Multi-purpose post: My sculptures + need advice, Dragonite wants, and Sales!!!

Hey everyone! It has been awhile since I posted something non-sale related. Few weeks ago, I decided to try sculpting. At first, I decided to buy dollar store clay because I thought there is no point in using better clay for practice. This was my first sculpture before it started to crack and I had to scrap it:

I have to admit, I am quite devastated that I couldn't complete this sculpture. I ended up buying more expensive clay to work on. This is my second sculpture:

I decided to re-make the Pokemon Time Bulbasaur figure since he is the cutest Bulbasaur ever <3!!! It took me 4 days to finish him ~.~ but it is totally worth it! Here he is next to my garden :)

He is a pretty good size and had a very nice weight to it.

Here he is beside his little brother :)

I need some advice:
I do plan on painting him but since I am still new to sculpting and have no idea what type of paint/brand I should use, technique in painting, how much layers, primers, and finish (gloss/matte). I used Craftsmart natural clay. For those that have experience with sculpting, can you give me step-by-step advice in how to complete the sculpture. Any help is appreciated :) Thank you in advance!!!

If anyone have any suggestions in what I should make next, please feel free to put it down in the comments :D~ I do plan to make more soon! However the Bulbasaur is NOT FOR SALE >.< sorry! He has a special place in my heart :)

I am still looking for a few more items to complete my dragonite collection, if anyone has anything I want below, please let me know!!!

Dragonite Clippy figures (3 versions):

Photo credit to gengareric

Poke-box Dog Keychains:

And the rest of my wants here: http://aki199257.livejournal.com/1222.html I am willing to buy, partial trade, or trade anything from my sales for them!!!


Please read my rules carefully.
*All pkmncollectors rules apply
*I was granted sales permission on September 22nd, 2014 by entirelycliched
*My community feedback can be found here: http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/view/aki199257/
*I will not sell to banned users, and reserve the right to refuse to sales to anyone who I do not feel safe selling to.
*Please express clearly whether you are committed or just asking a quote. Asking for a quote does not mean a hold on the item. Priority on items will go to those who are committed to the full price of the item.
*The price of each item does not include Paypal fees and shipping cost.
*Negative feedback will be left if you back out of a sale, please do not commit if you cannot pay.
*I come from a pet-free and non-smoking home.
*I will not accept returns and not responsible for lost packages or damaged packages, once the items leaves my hands.
*Majority of the items are USED. If you are concerned about the conditions of the items, please ask for further details or pictures if needed.
*I accept holds for 24 hours only if you are committed to the item(s).
*Payment is expected in 24 hours.Please contact me if you need more time to pay for items before you commit to the item.
*NO HAGGLING PLEASE!!! Unless it has OBO beside it.
*If you have read my rules, please write "bubbles" somewhere in your message.
*I am willing to consider trades, here's my wants list: http://aki199257.livejournal.com/1222.html. Mostly interested in customs (plush or figure) and pokemon from my main collection: Bulbasaur, Chikorita, Dragonite, Houndoom, Houndour, Poochyena, Mightyena, Shinx, Luxray, Pikachu, Pachirisu, and Leafeon. Feel free to contact me!

*Shipping to the U.S. starts at $8.50 for small to medium size plushies. Shipping does not include tracking, if you need tracking, please ask.

Mystery Dungeon Pencil board? (2007) $25

Mystery Dungeon Notebook (2007) $30

Various Pokemon Decor Tapes (3 different kinds. Please ask if you are looking for a specific pokemon. There is apparently different sets of pokemon in the first layer of the tape vs. second layer ~.~) $8 each
Mochi Leafeon Custom Keychain $8
Clarify 3D sticker $3
Chansey Flat (unsure if it is a sticker or scratch card) $3
Winter Series Snowman Charms (Pikachu, Oshawott, Torchic) $12 each or $34 for all

Marill Stamper (not self-ink) $10
Oddish Stamper (not self-ink) $15
Pokemon Monsters Self-Ink Stampers (still have ink and works great!): Chansey $15, Poliwhirl $10, Pikachu $8
Stamper case $5 but free if you purchase all three stampers together

Tepig (JPN TOMY) $10
Tepig Plush Keychain (JPN) $3
Blastoise Pokedoll plush (New, JPN) $35 (SOLD)
Pokemon Walky Squirtle Plush with Emoticons (*RARE*!, not in production anymore, 2010, JPN) $40
Pokemon Friends Plushies (JPN, Bandai) $15 each. Except: Poliwhirl and Charmander $20, Ditto $40 OBO

Hasbro Pikachu with zipper at the back (Hasbro, no tags) $15
Closed mouth smiling Pikachu (JPY) $10
Advance Generation Pikachu (Large) $25
Advance Generation Pikachu (Small, keychain) $15

Unofficial Pokemon Keychains $5 each

Pikachu Chubby Keychain $8
Pikachu Standing Mcdonalds Toy (doesn’t light up anymore ) $1
Pikachu Attach Pose Mcdonalds Toy $1
Pikachu Rolly figure $7
Pikachu P-shaped light $5
Standing Glossy Pikachu $7
Sleepy Pikachu $9
Pikachu Bottlecap $4
Clear Pikachu FCS $5
Pikachu FCS (MIP) $7
Pikachu Stampers $5 each
Pikachu Suction Cup $7
Pikachu Pencil Cap $1
Clear Pikachu flat $3

Buneary Bobblehead MIB (*RARE, JPN, made in 2009) $25
Charmander Wind Chime (*RARE, JPN) $50
Charmander Bank $35
Grovyle in bottle figure (*RARE, New, JPN) $15
Heal Ball $8
Tyranitar TFG $7
Kyogre Rolly (smallest, *RARE*) $15
Kakuna Keychain $4
Chikorita Squishy Keychain (*RARE*, JPN) $30
Azurill Bean (New, JPN) $4
Venusaur and Bulbasaur small figures (JPN) $4 each
Shinx Attack figure (small paint rub on the tail) $6
Zorua Strap $6
Bulbasaur Strap (*RARE*, used) $15
Bulbasaur Pokemon Centre Strap (New, JPN) $25
Dragonite poseable figure (*RARE*, JPN) $20
Cyndraquil DS Game Cases $8
Cyndraquil Colour Dice $15
Bayleef Kid $3
Ditto Stamper $15
Mega Groudon 2014 Promo Figure (JPN) $15
Oshawott plush pen (*RARE*, JPN) $12
Bulbasaur Vintage Gel Pen (Ink no longer works) $5
Minccino plush tail pen $22

1st and 2nd row: Vintage stamps $5 each. SOLD: Clefairy, Eevee
3rd row: $4 each except for the mega ones are $5 SOLD: Mega Charizard, Mewtwo

Pikachu, Victini, and Snivy featured post card (New, JPN) $4
Minccino face towel (dirty) $5
Eeveelution Featured Doujinshi $40 OBO: (If you want sample pictures, please ask!)
*Condition: Pretty minty
*6 full colour pages (3 pages front and back) at the beginning of the doujinshi.
*I think there is at least 3~4 stories by different artists.
*78 pages in total!

One freebie per $15 purchase! May increase shipping.

Thanks for looking!!!
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