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'Back from Japan' Raichu Collection Update (1 of 2)

As some of you might remember, I travelled to Japan for the first time some weeks ago.

I had been saving money for the trip for almost a year, so as you might guess, I did quite a lot of shopping. Mostly books in Japanese, but also, suprise surprise, this creature featured in my username.

This post also features some eBay and community finds from October 2014 to July 2015 (whoa, it's really about the time I made a collection update post - the months went by so fast!).


First, a hand lotion from the series 'Pikachu & Friends with Berries' from eBay. It's a nice practical item as I use hand lotion daily. :) The lotion itself isn't of the best quality possible, but because I bought it for the sake of the packaging it's quite okay.

Petit Raichu strap. It was really nice to find out there was a figure (kind of) in this line-up as well.

Raichu line mug by a British company called GB Eye. I got it at an anime convention in Finland. The artwork is a bit dull, but otherwise great to see Raichu in mugs for a change!

A Raichu marble from a community member whose username I've unfortunately forgotten. ^^* My memory regarding names is extremely weak, sorry! I just wonder how many different colours of these marbles there are (I've also got two other Raichu ones, the other blue and the other light brown).

I Love Pikachu + passport case from herar. It's a bit unpractical as a passport case but otherwise it's wonderful!

This Pikachu & Friends with Berries glass (from eBay) was really tricky to photograph, so in the end I just put a piece of paper inside it. Not the most stylish way, but at least you can see the characters now. :p The glass itself is really pretty - I just hope it was at least double as big so it could be really used.

A Dutch pog which legrix so kindly gave me. Thank you again! I just wonder what languages are those on the back of the pog: Dutch and...?

A Doremi card from coiffwaff. I have no idea about music but that's still a splendid idea for a trading card!

Two Christmas cards from sorjei. Thank you for organizing the group buy! It's always great to see cards with exclusive artwork.

A pan sticker from meeka-meerkat. That Raichu on the right is especially cute. :) I also tried out some Pokémon pan in Japan. They were over-the-top sweet (for my taste, at least) but the packagings were adorable and of course the stickers were a nice bonus.

Five teeny tiny stickers, again from meeka-meerkat. I hope I won't lost them!

A Japanese pog from kittay752. Once again an item I didn't even know to exist! But maybe that's the business as usual with 1st generation 'mon.

A 1998 (!) patch from Huuto.net. I guess it's legit...

A reverse holo version of the newest TCG Raichu (XY Furious Fists) from eBay. So summery...!


IPad mini cover. No, I don't own an iPad. Yes, I bought this only for that tiny Raichu in the corner. ^^*

Time hand towel. The design is ultra cute, but sadly the fabric doesn't really like folding (same goes for the Petit hand towel).

Perhaps the best haul of the year: the new Pokémon Center plush! I didn't actually buy it from Mega Tokyo myself when I was there - a friend of mine got one for me right after it was released in April. So nice of her!
I like the design of this plush far more than those 'teddy-like' ones of the biggest Raichu plushies. And it's actually standing, not sitting!

Petit eraser. There's only one eraser but the photos are from both sides.

Raichu With You pin. I really respect Nintendo that they're helping the victims of the 2011 earthquake with campaigns like this.

Petit notepad. That Raichu doesn't look that aggressive despite the text...

Handkerchiefs! I guess I'll never use these...

Again, I don't own an iPhone but I still got this. Really.

Time ballpoint pen. It's really nice although I prefer the Petit one even more...

Yeah, that's the one. I actually bought two of these: one to use, one for my collection. Fortunately they weren't that expensive. I hope there'll be more line-ups like the Petit one.

A math notebook. If I was still at school this would no doubt inspire me to learn math...

Petit stickers! The Petit designs work really well as stickers, if you ask me.

Time notebook. Even the pages inside have Raichu on them!

Two Petit clearfiles in one package (A4 and A5 size).

Time clearfile. I wonder who needs that many clearfiles (or maybe I'm just an unorganized person)!

Next time in 'Back from Japan' Raichu Collection Update (2 of 2):

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