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Painted Vivillions

I'm opening up 3-5 commision slots for these little guys. They're little painted vivillions. They're not stickers or anything special. They're just painted onto cardstock, but i made about 7 and stuck them to my ceiling using tack putty so what you do with them is really up to you. I had fun making mine and figured others might appreciate them to. So without further ado hit the cut for more info^^

Sorry for the horrible picture. Lighting in here sucks in the middle of the night so. I promise they're cuter in person

-Sales permission given by entirelycliched on 7/27/2013
-i have two furr babies but, my two cats are kept out of the workshop room where you're items are kept.
-i comply to PKMN collectors rules.
-i ship from Georgia in the US worldwide. Please be aware that international shipping will cost more.
- I am not responsible for packages once they leave the post office, I will include tracking and insurance upon request, but please be aware that it will cost a extra.
-payment must be made in 48 hours. I may be a bit more flexible on this if its a more expensive item.
-prices are in USD.
-paypal only please!
-first come first serve.
-prices don't include fees and shipping unless stated.
-i am open to haggling on some items, unless stated otherwise.
-trades are welcomed, again unless stated otherwise.
No hagling this time around. Sorry.
Prices don't include shipping. I'd preffer it if we kept it in the US this time round, but i am willing to work with international buyers.
1 vavillion- $3
2 vavillions- $5
5 Vavillions-$10
These are each handpainted in acrylic paints and may have some variation in color and detail.
Please leave images, or links to images of the ones you want done. If you want another butterfly pokemon done, let me know and i'll tell you if i'm up to the challenge!
If you want more than that tell me and we'll work something out!^^
I'm starting with three comission slots, if i feel like i can handle more i'll expand it to five.

Pokemon card for size refrence:

And my eevee prints in my etsy shop have dropped in price again. A print now runs $10. They're the lowest they're gonna be. No more price drops.
Show my shop some love guys:b
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