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Gets from Japan!

What's up guys?
I have finally put together a small gets post from my trip to Japan this summer!
These items that I have on my post are the things that I am most happy about getting!
Although some of these thigns were pretty expensive, now that I have brought them home and looked at them, I am very happy and not regretful at all about my purchases :)

First up I have the Lugia and Ho-oh Zukan figures! I got a really good deal on these and they are much bigger than I had expected! I was really scared the whole trip that I might break one of Ho-oh's feathers on the back but luckily no damages occurred :)
FullSizeRender 3

Then I have the 2010 mini Dittochu pokedoll <3, I'm seriously not a plush collector or have any personal interest in them but this one I just couldn't resist buying :) it's in a really good condition and really soft as well!

I have been looking for christmas related pokemon merchandises and I have found one that I really like! It's the slowbro/slowpoke tail christmas tree that was made a long time ago hehe
The box is really old and about to fall apart but in order keep the figure clean and safe, I decided to travel with it boxed! The figure itself is untouched and in mint condition! I am so excited to open it and display it during christmas time :)
FullSizeRender 2

Next, I got some cute sleeping figures, including the minun and mudkip sleeping tomy's from 2004 and cute snorlax figures! Minun is in a Near mint condition but Mudkip is not :/ but it is still enjoyable to look at and still really cute!

Next, I have some new cool figures/new additions of zukan for my zukan collection! I finally found the Hitmon family zukan :) I bought it MIP for over 10000 yen (which is about $90) O_O!
I also bought the milotic and feebas pokedex figures and the dunsparce zukan figure!
The Charizard-making-pancakes diorama in-case figure was only like 400 yen so I had to get it :)


One of my favorite purchases of the trip is the 2001 Movie Tomy Set! It features the pokemon in a different pose which is awesome! I especially love the larvitar and Tyranitar from this set. Such Dynamic poses. The box is not at all in a ragged or bad condition which is surprising because of how old this is :D aaaand of course all of the tomy's are in fresh and untouched condition :)

These are some of the tomy mpc+ figures that I stumbled upon in Japan :) my favorite ones are Mew and Victini. Victini's head is so much bigger than its body XD

Although I got alot more flats than just these two, I decided to photograph my favorite ones :)
The first one is the Ken Sugimori art clearfile which features Ash encountering a SHINY CHARIZARD! it's such a sick drawing/painting! I especially love pichu's expression in this picture!
The second favorite flat from my trip is this sticker sheet with ALOT of different poses of pikachus!

I also bought this Dittochu tomy~ It is not a bootleg (well atleast I am assuming XD) and it is in really condition (I didn't get the zukan from Japan but wanted to photograph it with the tomy because the dittochu would have been lonely, being alone in the picture)
I made a ditto shelf/shrine thingy with all of the ditto figures (not flats or plush) that I have! excpet the watermelon ditto from the farfetch'd diorama figure

Some straps that I bought while I was in Hokkaido! The three of the left are the official pokemon figure straps the are regional to only hokkaido :)
The Ditto socks sticker is so cute and I also found the ditto heart charm MIP!

Last but not least, these are some of the figures that I bought because they were really cool :)

Thank you so much for reading!

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