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mew get and wants

So these days ive calmed down a lot with collecting, mostly picking up new bits of merch that interest me. Lately my mew collection has been pretty static as I havent found any of my wants in a long time, then suddenly a plushie I have been wanting for a long time shows up!
this particular mew has slipped between my fingers many times, I always lost out in auctions or missed it in a sales post so i didnt think too much when i finally saw another one
so here he is my pokecen mew!

more pictures in the cut

its a little smaller than I imagined but its just as cute and fluffy :D some of the pictures online made it look as if it was made of velboa but its made of a plush minky which im super pleased with. The embroidery is a really nice touch too.

side view! it looks like he has a pretty odd shaped head from the side XD
his tail isnt too long, i find a lot of mew plush ave tails that are too long so they just droop and dont look too good.

so here is an updated view of my mew collection as of today!
not shown is my dx pokedoll mew (you can just about see the ear on the right hand side of the pic)
I feel I need some new plushes to add here its been the same for far too long, which brings me on to my wants at the bottom of this post

another get of mine is my clefairy secret base pokedoll, my husband bought it for me for my birthday and it is just the most precious thing :3 i really like these plush are a little bigger than regular pokedolls, they seem to have so much more detail.

ffffffffffffff! those wings <3

here are a couple of my most wanted plushes, its not an exhaustive list and I'm always after new mew items so if you have/see anything you think I might like then please let me know, although I am quite selective with figures.

mew towel ring

the big brother to my new get - big pokecen mew

daruma bowling pin mew

yawarkarai soft touch mew
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