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Karuta Card Sales II

Hello again! I received another Karuta Card set (this time the one I was originally after). This set is from the BW era but also features Eeveelutions, some pokemon from Gen 4, and a couple from Gens 2 and 3. Check it out if you're interested in any of those pokemon. I still have one more set to go but I should be getting it soon. ^^

Also included in this post are a bunch of Cardass and Bromide Cards.

Edit: Toploaders have arrived. As of 8/18 everything in this post has been shipped.

Sales Permission granted by godudette on 5/28/2013.

- Dog friendly home but she has not been in contact with anything.
- Will do trades for Riolu items I don't have. Trades have priority.
- You have 2 days to pay. After that the item is made available again.
- Any non-finalized trades will be voided if you fail to respond after three days.
- I'm in the US. I usually ship within 5 days buuuuut I ran out of toploaders today so there will be additional wait time.

Default shipping is a either regular envelope (karuta/cardass card) or manilla envelope (bromide card). You must request a different shipping method.


Suicune, Rayquaza, Ho-Oh, Cardass - $5 each
All other Cardass (Entei has edge wear on the back) - $4 each
cardass 1
cardass 2
cardass 3
cardass 4

Eevee Bromide - $4
All other Bromides (some of these are rough around the edges) - $3 each
SOLD: Raichu, Raikou
bromide 1bromide 2
bromide 3bromide 4

Also received this VS card. It's $3
vs card


Older Karuta Card Post is here. Feel free to combine!

All Lucario, Eevee, Eeveelutions Karuta Cards - $4 each
All other Karuta Cards - $3 each
SOLD: Colored Snivy, Both Umbreon, Both Chandelure

karuta 1
karuta 2
karuta 3
karuta 4
karuta 5
karuta 6

These cards have pictures on the front and back.
karuta 7
karuta 8
karuta 9
karuta 10
karuta 11
karuta 12

Everything above can be combined with regular sales. They've been updated with new items. Check them out! ~
Sales Banner

And I'll share a small get that arrived with these cards:
My first piece of Super Mystery Dungeon merchandise!

This is actually a multipurpose advertising flyer but Mystery Dungeon is the main focus. It also features Pokemon Shuffle, Pokemon Rumble World, Mystery Dungeon Gates to Infinity, and the drawing game whose name I can't remember. Also Hoopa is featured in his own section.
Tags: eevee, entei, espeon, flareon, froslass, glaceon, ho-oh, jolteon, leafeon, lucario, oshawott, rayquaza, roserade, rotom, sharpedo, snivy, umbreon, vaporeon
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