dingyringo (dingyringo) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Pokedoll gets + Tomy plush Sales!

I just wanted to share some small gets. I got the amazing minky Ho-oh pokedoll, WOW this version is so much better than the velboa. I love how saturated the red is. When it comes to velboa vs. minky, even though minky is super soft, it's a case by case basis for me, on which fabric I prefer. For example I love the velboa Lucario pokedoll more than the minky version, I just find the velboa design more appealing.

My pokedolls I got from from happyjolteon arrived, thanks again. I love to put smaller plush (MPC's or petit plush) next to their final evolved forms, I think it's really cute, like a little family lol.

Also I added a ton of stuff to my sales post, check it out!
Tags: pokedoll, sales, tomy
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