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Starting new Collections and opened an EtsyStore!

Hello fellow collectors :)

First of all, I finally opened my own Etsy-Store for my pokemon art! Yay! *__* I´m so proud of it, even when I haven´t sold anything as yet and even haven´t many listings haha  xDDD Look under the cut for more information!

It began since I saw posts from our comm-members about adorable custom-made pokemon stuff they got from etsy, like crocheted little pokemon in pokeballs, mochimon plushies aso. They were SO adorable!!! <333 I thought I MUST buy me some for myself and make an account on etsy! Then, I´ve discovered pokemon sculptures on etsy I really fallen for! They were beautifully light-up sculptures and I think I have a soft-spot for them. xO This was the first time that I got crazy and ordered a commission of an expensive custom! (hihi, when I got it I will post here and I´m really excited for it!) A sculpture for around 80$ total (incl. shipping) ---> To me, 80$ is a LOOOOT of money and I normally forbid myself to spend so much on anything, no matter how rare it is or if it is a perfect custom. But this isn´t the only thing I´ve ordered on etsy now - I ordered even a crocheted butterfree in pokeball which was already for sale! How lucky I was to found my fav. pokemon! And I bought other non-pokemon related things.

I´m now planning to sell all my pokemon art on etsy in the future! Which I mean are mainly traditionell drawings and paintings, but even sculptures aaaaand.... maybe others?
Btw I wanna say that I must thanks pokemon and this community for getting into drawing and painting again since I stopped it for many years. ;_;

Etsy really is so cool! And of course I found and follow the shops from our members Mimi pkmnexcavation and Rachel latias_latios_7 ^^ :D
If anybody here have an etsy-shop too (with pokemon-related stuff of course) - just comment! I´m excited to see what customs you have for sale :D

If you like my pokemon customs, I would be happy if you would take a look in my store! :D I named my etsy-shop "Pikabulbachu" like my username. ^__^
Here is a link to my shop: https://www.etsy.com/shop/Pikabulbachu?ref=hdr_shop_menu

And secondly, I´ve decided to start new (side-)collections! <3 ^__^
I don´t wanna buy everything and I´m not interested in flats (except they catch my eye). But if you have anything, feel free to offer!
What I really would be interested in are: zukans, footprint figures and kids.
More love for the 3. Gen!! And venonat/venomoth. xD

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Thanks everyone for looking and reading! Have a great day!
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