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Auctions reminder + Summer Art Commissions!!!

First of all, a reminder for the Absol and Latios clear kids and the sticker books I have for auction are going to end tomorrow. You can click HERE or on the pictures to see the full post. Most of the books don't have bids yet, don't miss this chance, most of them have popular pokemon on them too :O You can combine anything with my sales post or trade with anything of my want post!!

P.S. Those are my main wants, except the Heracross pokemon time strap that I won him TODAY *^*
Now some gets <3 I finally bought a cheap snow Fennekin! I want him since last Christmas but I didn't buy it since it was on my want post during the spring swap and when it was over, I couldn't find it cheap but it's mine now!
Vulpix, Mightyena and Growlithe metal figures! Thank you VERY MUCH to swampeh and o_0digitizdx_x for make the metal figures GA! I didn't expect to find the Mightyena one, if someone have more metal figures of those guys, let me know please!
AAAND! First Ninetales plush EVER! I didn't expect to get it but it's here. IT'S FINALLY HERE! A NINETALES PLUSH! You know my favorite pokemon are Poochyena, Politoed and Ninetales and he was the last one of my monster trio without a plush... until now! SO HAPPY! The only part that I don't like is that he's ANGRY. Why Pokemon Center? Why did you put that mouth? D: And Why doesn't Vulpix have a mouth?
Hazme un #fennekin de nieve... #pokemon #collectionMetal figures #mightyena #vulpix #growlithe #pokemon
My foxes <3 #ninetales #vulpix #pokemon #collection
And finally, I'm going to open my art commissions for august too! But please, think it's august so I'll be a bit slower than usual! You can click HERE or on the banner to see the full post and you can see some of my last commissions over here :D Or check my DeviantART to see more examples ^^
Commission: Kanto by Agui-chan
Tags: auction, custom, fennekin, gets, growlithe, mightyena, ninetales, vulpix
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