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More gets!

I got this cutie in the mail:

More under the cut:

That's it, I am officially in love with the canvas series.
I was trying not too for a really long time but it had to happen eventually.
They are just perfect to me in every way!
I love drawing, I love miniature/smaller stuff, details and softness.

I couldn't believe it when I saw and realized its from 2007. How many years has there been Canvas campaigns?
They NEED to make gen 6, Sylveon, Espurr, etc. And Latias, but with that I'm probably just dreaming.

I've been fortunate to find these cuties at amazing prices!
I have a beloved Treecko, and I got a Dragonite a while back but I haven't posted about them yet because I have a little project involving them that I need to finish up.

Also with this birdie came this!

A super sweet surprise from the really nice seller!
I have been wanting to get a pencil topper for a really long time, but I had the insane(?) idea that they wouldn't fit right. They do! (I forgot to take a pic oops.)

I also didn't have anything Misdreavus, so that's really cool too!

As you probably expected, I need more canvas.
Aside from everything already in my wants list,

I'm interested in hearing about any canvas you might have in a price range of $8-14.

Also, (aside from the Eevees) which are the expensive ones so I can cross them off my list mentally?

Also other wants here:

Here is my wants list!

Will listen to offers in ANY condition!
also in a somewhat order of priority:

Currently looking for:
mini Pokedolls:
Main priority right now is the Pikachu!!



Random campaigns:

Major Wants:

Figure Keychains and straps:

Major wants:

Seriously need these but can't pay the prices I see them for hopefully someone has them cheaper?
I was a total idiot and didn't get the mini kyogre when there was a cheap bootie,..
I'm fine with either, of course I won't pay the same as for the legit one!
I just really need a tiny Kyogre in my life ;_;


Still hoping for mini kyogre too:
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