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Over a month of gets!

Hello everyone! I haven't made a post in a long time, but I've been checking the comm daily! I just wanted to show you all some of the stuff I've gotten over a month or so!

At the end of June, I recieved 10 positive feedback, and I started trading immediately! I'm not going to show all of my trades since there was a lot of them, but I'll show all of the stuff I got for my main collections!

First of all, I got some flats from captainangel!

I never knew that the Spritzee sticker existed so I was so happy to get it! They also drew an awesome Spritzee!!! I love it so much!

Also look at how tiny these stickers are omg

I traded with hantsukihaunter! I got some nice Aggron line cards, and a Cofagrigus! :D

I traded with risha_moon, and hantsukihaunter again for the Aromatisse, and Spritzee cards! I got the English Aromatisse from Hantsuki, and the foreign perfume birds from Risha! I've been looking for the holo Aromatisse since the X&Y base set came out so I was just so excited to get it! I also bought the fullart Reshiram from aaronmichaeld!

I also traded with coiffwaff! I got a bunch of perfume bird flats from them! n w n

Now onto the stuff I bought!

I got some stuff from herar a while ago! What's not pictured here is the Greninja, and Froakie patches I bought for my sibling!

I've been going to Toys R Us or Walmart almost every week now so my wallet has been pretty empty haha ;W;

A couple of weeks ago when I went to Toys R Us, I bought a bunch of stuff!

A week or so after that, I bought some TCG stuff from Walmart!

I've been looking for that Mega Aggron figure for so long and I haven't seen another one since I bought it! I love it so much! No good pulls from the packs though! ;w;

A week before my birthday (my birthday was the 24th of July!), I bought myself some early birthday presents!

I got a Blaziken tin, and a loose Phantom Forces pack! Out of the Phantom Forces pack, I got an awesome pull!

Once I got home, I opened up my tin, and low and behold I got an even better pull from one of my Roaring Skies packs!

A fullart Mega Rayquaza EX! I was super happy after pulling that! I haven't gotten a Mega EX card since last year! :D

The day after my birthday, I bought some more TCG stuff from Toys R Us!

I also bought some stickers from Pokevault! I recently lost my Cofagrigus Trozei sticker so I bought 2 just in case ;w;

The other week, I went to Walmart (and IKEA)! I bought some X&Y base set packs, and got a Mega Blastoise EX!

Last week, I got my package from pokemontrader! I claimed some cards from the Legendary Shine set, and I'm really happy I did! It helped me start my Hoopa collection :D

My package from amiami arrived last week too! I bought the Emboar EX vs Togekiss EX deck just because it has perfume birds in it ;W;

Sorry for the blurry pictures! I was really excited! It's so nice that these precious perfume birds got cards since Flashfire for Spritzee, and the X&Y base set for Aromatisse! I hope this deck comes out in English :D

Last but not least, I bought something from ku_bek!

The Spritzee/Aromatisse post card! I recently saw this in someone else's collection, and I'm really happy I managed to get one! Thank you so much n w n

That should be everything! Sorry if the post seems super disorganized! It's a lot of stuff ;w;

I'll be getting some more stuff in the mail soon so I'll be making a post in the next week or so! Thank you so much for reading, and I'll see you all next time! n w n
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