Nina Needless (absol) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Nina Needless

Special Absol get <3 and other main collections gets!

I got today my spacial parcel <3 I waited 3 months for my special Absol ^o^
I'm sooooo happy that I got it today! Also I have some other cool Absol gets <3
Hope you enjoy my post <3

Preview (what could it beeee??):

Oh it looks like...?

Omg! Its a Mega Absol! :D Look how cool it looks <3
I'm so happy that its a part of my collection now!

Its so well made. Made of minky fabric! The plush maker is so talented <3 I got him from Yvonne!, a friend from FB! She makes so nice plushies :3 Sadly she isn't part of the pkmncollectors community :C

You can see its bigger than my regular Absol Pokedoll :) I thought at first he will be a little bit smaller, but at the end he has the perfect size <3
Sorry for the blurry picture!

Also I could complete my Absol kid collection <3 I needed one year to complete it!
Look what I've won:

Yes, its the clear attack kid! Its in very good condition :3 I had some competition and it went at the end for 6000yen xD I know its a heavy price, but I don't know if it pop up again? You never know...

It looks perfect with my regular attack kid :3 Yaay!

My kids all together:

Aaaand I could win the Absol data carrier! Finally! xD It went at the end for over 7000yen with some competition too :C

Its one of m favorite figures now!

Some other random Absol gets:

In the picture:
- Absol Holo waps
- Absol topps card
- Absol badge, movie 6

I will post soon some other gets of my other collections :) Got new stuff!
Hope you enjoyed my post!

Also a sales reminder:
Sales preview:

Sales link:

Sales permission granted by entirelycliched on 19 SEP 2014

Thanks guys for reading and looking!

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