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I made a thing!

Hi there fellow collectors! I know I just made a post a few days ago, but I really wanted to share something useful I finished today!
So, I like to remove the tags from my plushes so they are more cuddly and to keep the tags themselves safe. >w< But that left me with the dilemma of finding a safe place to store these tags. For the longest time I had been tucking them away in a drawer, but that just didn't seem very tidy. So recently I got the idea that I wanted to store them in a tin or box, but I couldn't find a decent priced and large enough tin with my favorite Pokemon on it (Eeveelutions obviously lol). So I decided to make my own, here is the result:

Caution, image heavy! (You can click the images for a closer look)

I went out and bought a wooden box and hand painted it myself- Putting my two favorite Pokemon on the lid~

But I couldn't leave their siblings out! So they got painted on the sides of the box. :3

It's perfect for storing my tags in!

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