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Unexpected Gets, A Want and a Question(?)

Hello everyone! This was a surprise to me, but I couldn't resist getting it when I saw it! Look what I found at the mall~

Snivy and Oshawott PitaPokés!! For 5 bucks each, I couldn't pass them up >w< Although through the packaging I can see they have a few painting errors and blemishes ;A; Oh well ^^;

Also, I've been saving a little, and the next thing I want to knock off of my list is the 2009(?) Banpresto Dragonite plush

However I'm still a little on the low side on funds, so it could take me just a little bit more to save up. But if you're selling him at least NWT tell me your price and I'll maybe contact you if you have a good price and once I'm ready to buy him!

EDIT: I think I've found a pretty good offer guys! However you can still submit yours in and I'll give it some thought if it's better than the one I've found~

And where I'm at it's still Free-For-All Friday, so I have a question I'd like to ask. However I know this may be against one of the rules (sorry I'm not sure!) but I'd still like to ask if FFA Friday allows it ;v;

Is it true that the store in Epcot has stopped selling PokéDolls?

I want to go there in the next couple of years with my family, and Epcot would definitely be one of the stops I would like to visit. (Especially to get PokéDolls!) I would call them but I'm kind of young and super shy so I'm scared I'll mess up or something ;w; Plus I'm literally on the other side of the country so that just makes it worse for me ;^; Sorry I know it's silly, I just wanted to ask if that's ok. If this is still against the rules I'll take this question out as quick as possible.

Well I think that's it for now! Have a great day everyone, and happy Friday~!!
Tags: dragonite, free for all friday, oshawott, pokedolls, snivy

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