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First Sales type post!!!

Which aren't really sales at all, I am opening my commissions!!!!!
My sales permission was granted August 1st, 2015 by areica96.


Shipping from Australia
Feedback -
All prices are USD and do not include Fees or postage
Will do holds for up to 2 weeks,
All items come from a Home with Cats, Dogs and reptiles however items are stored away from pets.
Smoke free home, All items only used as display unless stated otherwise
Only paypal accepted unless you live in Australia
Shipping will be done within a week unless stated other wise upon purchase,
Pickups in Australia welcome **Gold Coast/Brisbane**
Please state whether you are committed or just wanting a quote,
Prices non negotiable unless stated

Okay so i'm going to open 5 slots for commissions, and these can pretty much be what ever you want, however i do ask that you look through my work a bit before you choose, there isn't a lot of recent things that have been posted but i specialize in animals, human characters or pictures may cost more as its more work for me, I do digital or tradition, painting isn't available atm, if its digital shipping may be delayed for quite some time as i have to buy a new printer. here is a link to my Deviantart for examples or for others as well...

im thinking $20 + postage and fees for a4 coloured or B/w
$15+ just for lines and digital the $15 plus postage could be paid once i have gotten the printer sorted...prints will most likely be a4 unless i can get a cool printer. if this isnt allowed please let me know.

Thank you everyone
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