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Collection Update/story

Hey everyone! This is my first collection update, six months of PKMN collectors and I have all the plush from my original wants list... here's the story of how it all happened!

Strange as it might sound, it all started with this little guy ^. Charmander applause plush was my first grail, and the reason I got back into collecting. I had one as a kid, but it got lost. A few years ago it occurred to me that I could find another one online, but at the times I was looking they were scarce.

Eventually I found one, NIP with a chansey, which I had to get from the USA using a freight forwarding service. And he was perfect, just as I'd remembered!

Although, I guess it didn't entirely start with charmander. It started with these guys:

These are the six that remained from when I was a kid. Meowth, my favourite ever, who I've had now for about 17 years. Spearow, bulbasaur, cubone, chansey, second meowth.

After months of lurking, I joined PKMN collectors, and realised that I could probably get the others that had gone missing in the interim between my childhood love of Pokemon and now: Poliwag, Wartortle and Squirtle.

First was squirtle, which was an easy find. I got my squirtle before charmander. Something of an amazing moment, opening the package and finding that there were still people in the world who cared about this sort of stuff.

Then charmander...

And Poliwag + Bulbasaur came from a seller in the same city as me (a rare thing on this lonely edge of the continent)

I finally did it. I found the elusive wartortle, after so many months, and then more weeks of waiting! (worrying that the package, like some before it, had been lost in transit). And isn't she beautiful! So shiny.

So that concluded my replacing the applause plush I'd had as a kid. Somewhere along the way though I ended up with a whole lot more...

Mewtwo, Psyduck, Snorlax, all from the same seller.

A lot consisting of Seel, Vulpix, Zubat, Dratini

The first of my new applause grails, Paras! Look at the little cutie...I didn't imagine I'd find one, let alone almost immediately after making a wants post for it!

Ekans and slowpoke. How should I say, an accidental purchase? Not realisng that I had ebay to a one click buy setting and paying wayyyy too much for these guys. But then they arrived. Love at first sight. Ekans was well worth it! Look at that derpy spring!

Another that I didn't think I'd find easily, that just appeared one day within my reach. Charmeleon, fiery little raptor. Has a much larger flame than charmander, in fluorescent fabric.

Another one I worried wouldn't arrive! Jigglypuff and Ivysaur, from Ivysaur has never been one of my favourite pokemon, but somehow is fast becoming one of my favourite plush. I have this image in my head, a custom ivysaur with shiny pink and red flower fabric, ornate day I will make it!

And my most recent applause gets, geodude and ivysaur. This ivysaur has one eye upside down (factory defect?). I couldn't believe how cheap the geodude was, but I guess he's very dirty. Will have to look up one of those cleaning instruction videos.

In looking for the little applause, I stumbled across some little friends! Even though I'd never owned one before, there was something very nostalgic about the friends plush. They seemed to either be really accurate and to scale, or really derpy. Something about the fuzziness and the plastic eyes, I don't know, I just really love them. They're a bit bigger than the applause, and include Johto pokemon. There were two I really wanted, Jolteon and Sentret. Then I found a lot, with 18 of them including those two. And then, well...:

And more little ones, the BK plush:

I love this bellsprout, and magikarp. So accurate!

And a few odds, some I'm not sure precisely what they are. But nawww, that mareep. And that espeon...

And finally, a couple of bigger ones! I don't tend to collect one kind of pokemon, rather I get plush that I like the look of. Usually it's because they're accurate, or derpy.

It seems I waited ages for the perfect Raichu, which had proper Raichu feet and not derpy little pikachu feet on a raichu body. He's so serene looking - next I'd be looking for an accurate raichu with a bit of an attitude!

Koffing hasbro is my most recent acquisition - he's just so happy, and so perfect! He was on my list, of common plush that I just need to save for and find a good price on.

Jakks ho-oh - I saw it and was like, yeah, seems pretty cool. Then it got here. So awesome! I just love this plush.

Meowth tomy- just, so derp, So adorably derp.

And paki-paki charizard, that has started what might be a new vein of collecting: the paki paki plush!...lugia and bayleef maybe? Although charizard was a lucky get at a very good price, so maybe not...

It feels like I've done a whole lot of collecting, and am waiting on a few that are still coming, but I find it interesting to look back and wonder at how the whole thing started with these two...

If you've made it this far, thanks for reading! Hope you all enjoyed my collecting story ^-^

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