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Mostly Flat Sales (or trades) and Some Gengar Stuff

Waddya do when things are slow? Buy too many flats! I have ghosts, First Gen 1 battle coins and chips, and Tomy Battle medals. I also have small Gengar extras.


I've finally made a wanted flats list. Trades will take priority; I will trade anything here for Gengar flats or stuff in my regular wanted list. These aren't the only flats I'm looking for but they're the ones I remembered to save pictures of. Some of the ones one there I have coming but I don't mark things off until I have them in my possession. I really like shiny/holo stuff, lenticulars, and Vs. cards. I may also trade for unique Darkrai flats even if I don't have any pictured in my list.


Lastly, if you are participating in my stampers GA, I can combine shipping from these sales with your stamper if you find anything you want. I am receiving the stampers next week.

I was granted sales permission on 6/11/14 by allinia.
My feedback is here:

regular gengar tongue Info:

• I ship from the USA. I do ship internationally. Shipping is done within TWO business days for domestic and international orders!

Shipping for flats starts at 0.60 domestic and $1.50 int. Default shipping for these is in a soft sleeve and cardboard protection.

Domestic shipping for non-flats starts at $2.25 (comes with free tracking) and Int. starts at $6.60.

• I only take Paypal. All prices are in USD. Send money as "paying for goods and services" and not as a "gift". I NO LONGER ACCEPT E-CHECKS because the checks usually fail. Prices do not include Paypal fees.

• No minimum purchase for flats. For non-flats, minimum purchase of $3 before shipping. If you want to purchase a single thing that's below the minimum, you may choose to pay the remainder to meet the requirement.

• You do not need to commit to get priority. After I get you a quote, as courtesy to others who might also be interested, reply if you're interested or not so we can all move along.

• I will not be lowering the price of items that have been set up for auction IF others of the same kind sold successfully. Unless I feel it was overpriced but I usually don't sell high value things. I don't find this fair to bidders.
Whatever doesn't sell will just get thrown into an Ebay junklot or donated after a while.

If it has an OBO (Or Best Offer), you're free to go lower. If someone commits to the item for full price, it will go to them. I will most likely accept offers right away unless I know something has sold for higher or the same price. I always try to price things under auction sites value since I don't need to cover fees.

Payment is due in 24 hours after your total is posted if you commit. Otherwise, negative feedback will be left/you will lose the item.

• Non-smoking home but I have a dog; he sheds. Keep this in mind if you have extreme allergies.

• Once the package leaves my claws, I can no longer be held responsible for it. I can do insurance for domestic orders; let me know if you want insurance for an international order(Starts at around $15). All sales are final, no returns. If I somehow sent you the wrong item, I will ship you the right one at no extra charge.


Gengar Stuff

Promotional keychain - $18 Or Best Offer
This is an official keychain from the year 2000. Says it came from Parmalat. (some milk company?) Yours will not come with the insert. The insert of this one had some sticky green stuff and I had to unfortunately trash it. This came sealed, so it's mint besides the factory error near the lip.


Special edition marble by Jakks Pacific - $3
Has tiny paint chip on teeth as seen in the picture. Overall good condition. I'm getting rid of these marbles soon and wanted to see if anyone still wanted this one.

Toretta Coins
Cannot be shipped as flats; they're too fat. Got these in a lot; condition is overall excellent except for green one.

Sparkly Yellow and Light blue - $3 each
Green - got bodied (see dent) so it's 50 cents or free with anything else. Besides the dent, it's mint.


Ghost Flats

All are in excellent condition unless I state otherwise. Click pictures for full size.
Top Row:
Both Gastly - $2 each
Haunter - $2.50
Middle Row:
Both Haunter and Gengar - $2.50 each
Bottom Row:
Rare FritoLay coins from Thailand (have some scratches; see full size pic) - $1.50 each
Gastly Battle Chip (near mint) - $2.50


Battle Chips

All are in near mint condition unless I state otherwise. Click picture for full size.
Here is what the sparkly ones look like in the light. (this one is sold)

Top Row:
Sparkly Machamp - $2.50
Sparkly Mewtwo and Arcanine - $3.50 each - Hold on Arcanine
All other rows: $2.50 each

Meiji Battle Coins/Medals

I can't ship more than two of these as flats.

Top row:
50 cents each or free with a purchase. These have a bit of rust or are dinged up. The 40th Anniversary Shonen Jump coin is ¯\(°_o)/¯.

Second Row:
All $2.50. Except Misty - $3
(Tomy Battle Medals are in non-flats)


Tomy Battle Medals

All are $4 each.
Scyther Battle Coin - $3

Complete set of Battle Pencils (Exeggutor, Muk, and Bedrill) - $8 OBO
Box shows wear and there is some tape at the bottom. Pencils and accessories are in excellent condition.

Swedish (but that comes from Japan) Pikachu keychain - $8 OBO

Old stuff from past sales

MWT Gothorita canvas plush - $15
Approximately 7 inches tall. Hangtag detached but mint. Has been kept in a cabinet away from the environment. Will be shipped in a small box; it's $2.35 domestic and varies for outside the USA depending on your location. If you're an international buyer and interested, I can ship it in a bubble mailer for cheaper shipping but it will be far less protected.

Gothitelle line limited edition shopper - $5 OBO
Shipping for this is $3 domestic due to its size, will include cardboard protection. International shipping without cardboard protection is $8; will go up depending on your location if I add cardboard.

Clear Metagross Kid - $6.50 Or will trade for a mint one + I'll give you some money.
He is scuffed underneath.

Just pay for shipping/freebies

Deck Boxes - Can be added for free to a purchase. May increase shipping.

Lot of Phantom Gate commons. (and random Pikachu) First Edition, near mint. (they are in soft sleeves since I got them) - Just pay for shipping. $2.25 inside the USA, varies with international buyers.

Look who got his Masaki Gengar card! This is my favorite Gengar card (so shiny) and I always wanted it with a mint backdrop so I can frame it.
This card looked super mint in the auction and I thought I could score a PSA 10. Bam, $500+ card right there. When I finally got it, it's in awesome condition but it's not a 10. Probably an 8 at best. The Masaki cards are near impossible to get 10s or 9s but I wanted to believeeeeeee. Those $100 didn't believe enough. I coulda just gotten the ones off Ebay for $60.
I don't know if I will go for the PSA 10 one; it's a legendary card but I don't know if I'm at the point of spending $500+ for a card.
I also got this shadow ball card which is the BEST thing ever. It's also shiny!
The other thing is a black colored battle coin. The black and copper color of the Gengar coins are the hardest to find. If anyone sees the copper coin, lemme know!
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