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Mudkip Collection Update! (And one big other thing.)

Long time no posting! I've been super busy with my summer job at a super-cool local arcade at home in Texas. The pay is great and has allowed me to budget for a few cool new items...

Item #1: Mudkip Trainer's Choice Figure!

Found this little guy at Wal-mart. I saw him and had to snag him. <3

Item #2: PokeCen Substitute (2013) 1ft tall plush!

Some of you might remember that I got a bootleg Subbie a while back. I gave him to a friend and resolved to get a legit one.

Well, I found a 1ft tall Substitute on Y!J for only 2000 yen. I snapped it up. When it shipped to me, I was so surprised that it was the 2013 one! Even had his hang tag! This one is definitely the real deal; the fabric is so much higher quality and so cuddly compared to the bootie.

Item #3: Pikachu Carnival Mudkip Keychain Plush

I just received this mega-cutie from Sunyshore after placing an order a couple of weeks ago. It was my first-ever order from them and I was SO HAPPY to get this little guy! He's adorable! I love Sunyshore's site and definitely will order again. I've got my eye on the Kuttari Mudkip plushies...

Collection updates aside, I'm going to be moving into a new house soon! I'm moving in with my wonderful boyfriend's family and he's agreed to let me have one of the rooms in my house as an office space for studying. I plan on having a shelf in there for my expanding Mudkip collection as well as my other Pokemon stuff, since I can't very well have plushies hanging out in a bed meant for two people. I'll keep you guys posted if I do anything exciting with it!
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