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A big old charms auctions and sales post

Hello all :)

I'm starting to trim down even my beloved charm collection... it's just been in storage too long for me to justify keeping it. Below is about half of it. These are all from the very first Dex charm set, the Johto Dex set, released in 2009. (Except the larger round charm set)

Almost everything in the photo is either up for sale or auction.

There's also some regular sales, so check it out!

Sales Policies
- My sales permission was grandfathered in from the old system (I believe it was granted by denkimouse though!).
- I accept Paypal only right now.
- All prices in USD.
- Please make sure to include your username and what you bought in the paypal note :D
- I ship from Canada! If you need a quote, please ask before agreeing to buy the item.
- Please allow 1-2 weeks for shipping! My shipping days are usually Friday to save on gas, so if anything unexpected comes up, that means I've missed shipping for that week. If your order is time sensitive please let me know in ADVANCE so we can work something out!
- If there is anything wrong with your item when you receive it, please let me know! But if it is uninsured, I am not responsible for lost or stolen items in the mail.
- If shipping (or anything else) is a concern, please ask before committing to buy :)
- You can see my feedback , here, and here. (Starting from my oldest name to the present one)

Feel free to haggle, especially on larger offers. Worst I can say is no :)


Johto Dex Eeveelu charm set (The one with the black backing) - $75 or best offer
Round Eeveelu charm set - $90 or best offer

Mega charm sets - $12 each

Garchomp charm set - $12
Loose charms - $5 each
Sold: Latios, Latias, Druddigon
Christmas Charms (Dwebble and Ducklett) - $6 each
Sold: Ducklett

Meowstik Pokedoll charms - $20
Canvas Keychain charm set - Hoenn - $20

Canvas Keychain charm set - Kanto - $20
Canvas Keychain charm set - Sinnoh - $20

Pokemon Time tins - $15 each
($10 for the Zangoose since the lid is pretty loose, I've inspected it closely and it's not damaged or anything though.)
Sold: Raichu

Eevee game cardholder - Holes six games. This was USED, gently, has minor scuffs and wear - $20
Pokemon Cookies - $3 each (Please note: These may be more expensive to ship because I don't want to ship them as semi-flats for obvious reasons) (Espeon sold!) Sold!
Pokemon "love" notepad - $7


The auction's end is Tuesday, August 25, at 11:00:00 PM EDT.
Click here for the countdown timer!

Sniping is not allowed as per community rules. If a bid is placed within the final 5 minutes of the auction, it will be extended until 5 minutes have passed without a bid.

Start price for all charms are listed in the charm's thread.

Full resolution here!

If I cut out any charms, or you need better photos or have questions, let me know!

Thanks for looking!

PLEASE do not comment on the auction threads until they are finished! Thanks!
Comment away!
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