jessyistired (jessyistired) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Re-updated sales + Side collection for twinny :3

Hello everyone! /waves

So I always added a plush to my twins collection and finally here is his small collection.
Once he comes back he'll be able to take them away.

A jumbo Pikachu, The fuzzy raichu, jumbo sleeping Pichu, and of course the new PC riachu. <3
I got a sweet response from him with "Aw those plushies look nice" and "I shall keep them neat on a counter somewhere"
I even gave him one of the Houndour beanies to remember me when he leaves.
For some odd reason it's a weird habit I do. :3
Its like: Here is a plush I love, keep it and take very good care of it.
-Anyone else do that?
I also have a binder of the newer cards but I'm not which one of us will have it or if we should leave it behind in my parents house... Well, that is it for my bro bro collection, i'll be doing one in a week or so whenever the weather is back to sunny.

Here is my sales post; its more organized~

Just click the picture above to be transported to my sales post :)
I was granted sales permission by: entirelycliched on 8/7/2013.
My feedback is located: HERE
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