you can call me B (butterfreeboy) wrote in pkmncollectors,
you can call me B

amazing gets!!!

hey everyone! i haven't posted anything in a little while because i was waiting for two packages to come in the mail. i bought some things from the community that i've been wanting to get my hands on for ages, and now i finally have! here's a preview of two certain someones that i recieved. the rest of my gets are under the cut! (a little image heavy)

so, i got home to see two packages in the mailbox! i was very excited to open the mailbox after seeing that the tracking said that they would be delivered today. phantom was very eager to help me open his new friends

what could it be phantom?

it's the gengar and gardevoir petite plushies! thanks to slatias i got to get my own! i've been wanting gengar for a while now, since he is becoming my main collection, but i couldn't pass up on the gardevoir one too! (i put them next to phantom for size reference)

but wait! what about the other package? phantom certain hasn't forgotten about that! he just couldn't wait to get a peek.

it's a JP zoroark pokedoll and a zorua!!! i was so excited to see yellow_fr3ak selling a zoroark pokdeoll after searching so long for one!

here's everyone together!

thank you to everyone that took a look at these new additions to my plush collection!
Tags: darkrai, gardevoir, gengar, gets, zoroark, zorua
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