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Sales and applause plush offers

Trying to make some room for upcoming merch :)

- Sales Permission granted by SKDarkDragon on July 8th, 2015
- All PKMNCollectors Community Rules Apply
- My feedback can be found here
- I will not sell to non-members or members who have been banned
- I ship from Camden, DE
- Shipment will be when payment is cleared
- All prices are in USD
- I accept Paypal only.
- No haggling please
- Payment due within 48 hours.
- If you are committed, please say so. Item will be sold to the first committed buyer. Asking for a quote does not necessarily mean committed.
- Once I ship the item it is no longer my responsibility.
- I am generally a moderate shipper and will have items out within the week of cleared payment. Please be aware I’m taking classes so sometimes life happens. Should I experience a delay, I will be in contact with you.
- ALLERGY DISCLAIMER: I have 1 cat and 1 dog
- More pictures can be provided when asked.

Hasbro Ivysaur (tiny dirt spot on its head)- 7
Jakks Servine - 5
Jakks Oshawatt- 5
Pokemon time Sentret mwt- 15
Tomy Litleo mwt- 7
Bootie Typlosion- 20

Hasbro Grovyle - 2
Hasbro Mudkip - 2
Hasbro Shroomish - 4
Poochyena unavailable

Lapras ex - 5
Camerupt ex - 5

.50 each or free with purchases over 20

Applause Horsea and Koffing. Both are in prestine condition, Im starting offers for these at 7 each!
Offer period will end August 24

Also! I still have my commission page here
Tags: horsea, koffing, offers, sales
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