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Two things:

1. Eevee Group Auction

Ouch, this lot is already going pretty high.. We don't have the funds yet!

The image is obviously a stock photo, but the seller has a 100% rep, and they are described as brand new with hang tags. <3

I only want Espeon, so the rest are up for grabs! Post with the highest you're willing to pay~ Highest bidder gets dibs.

Current offers
Eevee - $35, wilyfungi
Flareon - $30, pheonixxfoxx
Jolteon - $30, citrus_vision
Vaporeon - $25, pacificpikachu
Umbreon - $30, pikaraii
Espeon - rachelled, $30 (willing to go higher~)

End time: November 24, 10:37 EST

Note: Payment is due ASAP after the auction ends!

2. Secret Santa!

General consensus seems to be yes! :3 We need to figure out some rules real quick, though.

-Mostly about what sort of price cap we should set, I'm thinking around $10? (New suggestion: up to $25, shipping included? Wouldn't want to screw over anyone with shipping >_<)
-I'm definitely okay with organizing the event myself, but if a mod feels it's more appropriate for one of them to do it, that's okay too (psst, mods, I am indirectly asking for permission).
-Handmade gifts should be allowed, y/n? I can't think of why not, and this way you can participate even if you are low on cash.
-Anything I haven't thought about?

If I get permission, and all this stuff is settled, I will make an official sign-up post in the near future. <3

Edit: Mods, I need to run this by someone, but I think this should be treated as a trade scenario - if someone doesn't hold up to their end of the SS, they should receive a warning or something. As much as I'd like to be able to simply trust everyone to do their part, it just wouldn't be fair if someone didn't get their gift!
EditEdit: I think I was unclear - this is in no way official yet. This was the "figure things out" stage, and we still don't have permission thus far. Whether or not it will take place remains to be seen, sorry!
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