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Plush Group Auction Timeee.

It's that time again, you guys. Time for another group auction. =D

Most of these are up for grabs, since there're only a couple I want. :3
The auction ends in about four days, and we're going on a bidding system. Bid what you want on the plush, even if it's only a couple of bucks, every little bit helps. <3
The person with the highest bid at the end of the auction gets it, and payment's due within one or two days after the auction ends.

Piplup: iaibou - $4
Hoothoot: toda - $10
Eevee: Heenz [as much as needed]
Jolteon: Heenz [as much as needed]
Caterpie: badgerr_ftw - $9
Dratini: Heenz [as much as needed]
Wynaut: chibisilverwing - $6
Poliwag: youdbemydream - $3
Fat Pikachu: Heenz [as much as needed]
BK Pikachu:
Gyarados: nofuturenohope - $3
Oddish: firebomb  - $3

I'll probably pay more than a third of the auction price, if we win, to cover my stuff. The more bids we get, the lower your cost goes, since I'm covering as much as I can.

And, to everyone from the stylus auction:
Your packages are all packed up and ready to go, I just haven't had a chance to go to the post office, since I've had the flu. @..@ Rinkatink, your Blaziken also got delayed, but he's ready to go to his new home too. Sorry for the delays, everyone!

Tags: group auction, plush
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