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A small photostory of a big get

Hello all! I got something awesomely big in the mail on Friday. I've really enjoyed watching WCS livestream today and had some extra time to edit some gets photos and thought they'd be fun to share here :)



Seems like these Pokedoll friends found a mystery box! They all must be wondering what's inside... (Terrakion doesn't look too interested though)

no title

Mystery box is opened! Now it's time to dig in!
Terrakion: What's all this about guys?

no title

What a huge find! It was too much for our brave muskedeer...
Mismagius: Has he been asleep the entire journey here?
Entei: It's time to wake him up! Anyone got an extra Pokéflute?

no title

Even though he looks a little tired, everyone wants to say hello to Mister Snorlax! I'm sure they will make great friends :D

no title

He is seriously quite big! He'd make a great pillow or something.
Snorlax has been special to me ever since first gen, and my friends are sometimes telling me that I remind them of Snorlax (I wonder why's that... ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ) but I never really thought about collecting him. However when I learned that a new (and huge & awesome quality *w*) Snorlax plush was about to be released this summer, I couldn't resist! Imo, it's a perfect plush :)


Oh hey, Mister Snorlax found a delicious cake! He seems quite happy...

no title

... But his friends won't let him eat it all by himself!

no title

A piece for everybody! Sharing makes it taste even better, right Mister Snorlax?

Also, I've been working on a collection post lately... But I still need to figure out how to display some of my plush! (I'm not happy until they are all sitting nicely on appropriate shelves (ノಠ益ಠ)ノ彡┻━┻) Despite that, I have a small preview of the future post :'3

no title

That's all this time, thank you for reading & I hope you have a relaxing weekend! (●´∀`●)
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