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New Update to My Collection and Some Sales - Chibi Kyun Figures!

Finally, I have a chance to post a new eeveelution set that I recently got ^_^

 photo IMG_5156.jpg

More under the cut!! Also, I have some plushes/figures for sale!
 photo IMG_5172.jpg

I only got a few straps of my most favorite eeveelutions this time...
 photo IMG_5152.jpg
A close comparison between the two versions :D
 photo IMG_5153.jpg
I was so happy when I found that I got this vaporeon (my favorite eeveelution) after one trial!
 photo IMG_5155.jpg

Now it is time for sale :)

- Sales permission granted by Dakajojo 01/30/11

- I live in the US and ship worldwide. Anyone outside of the US please be patient as shipping may take a while :3

- I don't hold any responsibility after I ship them. Tracking number can be required but it costs more.

- I aim to ship every week but sometimes I can't. However, 2 weeks after the clear payment is my max because I know how it feels to wait for your items lol

- I accept only paypal as a payment method. Please pay within 3 days after getting the total from me.

- If you wish to see more pictures, please do ask :)

- I come from pet-free and smoke-free home.

- Please leave me a feedback once you receive your item(s). Thanks!! Here is my feedback

- I can hold item(s) for 24 hours.

- The price does NOT include shipping and paypal fees.

- I am poor at pricing so haggling is welcome. But please don't be upset/angry if I reject yours. XD

- Payment plans are accepted so feel free to discuss them with me.

- I don't do trade anymore due to bad experiences. :(

- I have rights of not selling to some members if I feel uncomfortable with them, e.g. many negative feedbacks.

Auctions end 08/29/13 11 pm EST time.
Halloween is coming in two months...This pair (mint with tags) will be a good set to add to your collection!
Start @ $25 each
 photo IMG_5160.jpg photo IMG_5161.jpg

Talking Eevee (MIB) start @ $60
 photo IMG_5163.jpg

Pokemon Center Vaporeon Plush new with tags start @ $10
 photo IMG_5171.jpg

10" I love Eevee Promo Vaporeon Plush (mint with tags) start @ $15
 photo IMG_5175.jpg

10" I love Eevee Promo Eevee Plush (mint with tags) start @ $10
 photo IMG_5174.jpg

2009 Jolteon Canvas Plush (mint with tags) start @ $40
 photo IMG_5172.jpg photo IMG_5173.jpg

2011 Kanto Starters Canvas Plush (mint with tags) start @ $25 each
 photo IMG_5165.jpg

2010 Charizard Pokedoll (mint with tags) start @ $25
 photo IMG_5169.jpg

2009 Lapras Pokedoll (mint with tags) start @ $20
 photo IMG_5168.jpg

Chibi Kyun Pikachu Big Plush (mint in bag) start @ $20
 photo IMG_5176.jpg photo IMG_5177.jpg

Chibi Kyun Ash & Pikachu (NIB) start @ $20
 photo IMG_5178.jpg

Chibi Kyun Jessie, James and Meowth (NIB) start @ $20 each
 photo IMG_5179.jpg

Chibi Kyun Mewtwo with Stadium (NIB) start @ $15
 photo IMG_5180.jpg

Chibi Kyun Figures (NIB) start @ $15 each
 photo IMG_5181.jpg

Chibi Kyun Figures (NIB) start @ $10 each
 photo IMG_5182.jpg

Straight Sales
4" I Love Pikachu Plushes (new with tags) $8 each or free when you purchase more than $50
 photo IMG_5167.jpg

Used Vulpix Plush $5
 photo IMG_5166.jpg

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