jheila (jheila) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Gardevoir trades!

Heyo guys! I'm looking to expand my dedenne (or sylveon) collection, and decided that I'll be doing trades of all my other lines once a week! This week, since this box is easiest to get, is gardeivoir!
Next week will be eevees!
The other lines planned are sylveon, xerneas, yveltal, diancie and carbink! I also have tons of random goods, mostly fairies!

Do note, I have just about every official item from these two, plush wise for sylveon, merch and plush wise for dedenne, so I'm mainly looking for customs!

Note! The jakks, ippai, and mega out of box are no longer available!

I just realized this got posted to my journal instead of the comm! So next sunday will be eevee :3
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