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Voltorb & Electrode Collection - English pg. 4

Hey everyone! On Wednesday I received 500 penny sleeves in the mail, with the intention of sleeving all of my Voltorbs to give them extra protection and less movement in my binder. They are a tad bit too big, however, so they require a quick snip off the top in order to fit in each pocket of the page. This has turned out to be more work than I was expecting. However, I spent some time last night sleeving most of my cards while watching my Chicago Bears win their second preseason game (the first string team looked solid. Here's hoping that is a good indication of how the season will be). The task is almost complete, though, and I'm pretty happy about it. Anyway, on to the collection...

For this week's update, I have page 4 of my English Voltorb and Electrode collection.

Legendary Collection Electrode
Legendary Collection Electrode RH
Aquapolis 64 Voltorb
Aquapolis 64 Voltorb RH
Aquapolis 115 Voltorb
Aquapolis 115 Voltorb RH
Aquapolis Electrode Holo
Aquapolis Electrode
Aquapolis Electrode RH

Continuing from the last page is the Legendary Collection Electrode, featuring the reverse foil treatment I am so fond of. The rest of the cards on this page belong to, in my opinion, one of the best expansions of the WOTC era. Aquapolis and the other E-series releases have some of my favorite and most diverse artwork in any set or series of cards. Not only is the artwork wonderful, but the sets offer a large amount of cards to collect. It's a shame I stopped collecting the cards around this time, because I would have loved to own a complete set of all three E-series expansions. The Electrode featured in this set is my all-time favorite Electrode card. The artwork is such a goofy take on Electrode's signature smile. He sort of reminds me of those people who don't really know how to give a natural smile in pictures, so they always come out awkward looking. The Aquapolis cards turned out to be a big challenge when my Voltorb collection was just starting out and I was new to online trading and buying.

Thanks for reading and stay tuned for the next update where I will explore the 3rd generation Voltorbs and introduce the code variations!

До скоро!
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