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Massive gets post. ~ + Quick want!

Hello, guys. :D
I told a few of you I was preparing a gets post..well, here it is. ~
Pretty much everything I got in the months of June/July.

There's tons of really cool customs, so I'd take a peek at those if you want. c:


obviously more important than bills.

Just a small warning, the post contains tons of images. ^^'

Starting with official items~

Pokemon Time Mascot Plush! :D

Pokemon Time Straps~

I Love Eevee Plush!

Pokemon Colloseum Puzzle Pieces~ :D

ShoPro Sequin Charms!

Espeon 3DS Stylus~

Umbreon and Espeon Trettas! :D

Rubber Time Straps . ~

A suuuuper soft Towel featuring all of the Eeveelus~ :D

Two Handkerchiefs! :D I really like the Umbreon and Espeon one. <33

an Espeon Puzzle! :D I never thought I'd get this. xD

A really cool rubber bracelet featuring all of the Eeveelutions~

The Espeon Chupa Chups figure! :D I've wanted her for so long, her pose is perfect. <3

Umbreon and Espeon Round Charms! c:

The Pokémon Time Tote bag. :D

Andd, the movie promo popcorn bucket! 8'D

And now for the customs! :3

A Sketch of Umbreon, Espeon, and Princess Peach by aarux. ;u; <3 They're sooo precious. Just look at how cute Peach is with them and just..ughhh. <3 It's too cute, seriously, thank you! <33

Espeon's Lollipop Charm! Finally! :D

An Umbreon, Espeon, Darkrai and Cresselia drawing by eboncharizard! :D

Really cool papercuts feauring Umbreon, Espeon, Lunatone and Solrock! :D Thank you, shadowpokgengar. <3

A cute Umbreon/Espeon Postcard from moonlightpkmn! :D No idea who the artist is, unfortunately.

A super duper cute sculpt by plushlosophy! :D

Aaannddd, custom Umbreon and Espeon Pokemon Time style charms from hawlucha! :D Thank youuuu~

Very, very cute custom Button plushies by pancakelulu! :D

Beautiful shadowboxes featuring Umbreon and Lunatone, as well as Espeon and Solrock! :D

The CUTEST batch of custom items!! :D Charms, Buttons, a Lanyard, Tape, Stickers, and a Scarf!! I absolutely adore these. <33

First up, the tape! I wish I could provide better photos of this. D: Maybe once I actually use it, I'll show you guys. :3

The lanyard is SO soft and I'll definitely be using this often! Especially since Umbreon and Espeon are very noticeable on the front.

These charms are what caught my attention from this seller. Look at how cute they are. ;u;

These stickers are great! The quality of these is superb, really.

This scarf is so soft! I LOVE it!

And buttons.~ :3

Really neat crochet keychains!

These super duper cute prints! Umbreon is too cute nibbling on the star! <3

And lastly, more prints from the same artist! I absolutely LOVE these! <3

Thanks for looking! :D
If you have any questions, feel free to ask. ~ c: I can link you to any artist above if you want! :o
I'm working on a new collection site, it should be finished sometime next week. I hope. ^^'

And now for the want!
I'm looking for this Pikachu Ippai figure! :3

Shipping will be to 34731 US. ~
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