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Custom Plush Slots

I am opening some custom plush slots for August!

Sales Info
Sales permission received 10/27/12 by Allinia

  • Plush will be minky but I may use other fabrics supplementarily.

  • The price does not include shipping cost which may be high if you are located outside of the US or if you want your plush shipped in a box.

  • If the amount of new materials I need to buy for your commission is outstanding there will be an additional charge.

  • If you are unsure if I can make your request, please ask before you commit!

  • It typically takes me 2 - 4 weeks to complete a plush. I will keep in touch with photos and progress.

  • If you are in the slots, you are committed to buying a plush from me.  Backing out will result in negative feedback.

  • I ship from Virginia, USA internationally.   If applicable, customs fees are the responsibility of the buyer. I will not lie on a customs form.  I am not responsible for packages once they leave my doorstep.  I ship most everything First Class USPS, unless you ask. First Class comes with tracking but I can't get tracking for international orders.

  • Payment is through Paypal only.

  • Prices do not include shipping or fees.

  • All pkmncollectors community rules apply.


More samples:

Add +$10 for extra materials (specific fabrics, etc.).
These are just base prices! I may add onto the price if especially complex.

6" - 11" plush:
Simple - $80 - $100
Complex $110 - $130
Pokedolls are typically in the $100 range.

12"-15" plush:
Simple - $120 - $130
Complex $140 - $160


  1. We agree on an idea/design.

  2. I receive payment.

  3. I make a pattern.

  4. I begin work on the plush & show you progress photos.

  5. I make any needed changes.

  6. When the plush is complete, I send you photos of the finished product.

  7. I calculate shipping for you.

  8. Complete payment for shipping (also if split payments).

  9. I ship the plush.

  10. Hug time! : D

I can take split payments (half and half).
Interested in my progress?  Check out my blog:

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