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In the making of a permanent wants list

Im looking for a MINKY jolteon pokedoll! highest priority want right now uvu
also im going to start looking to commission a custom noivern plush. If anyone knows of someone who makes quality custom plushies, let me know! Id like to get one in a Pokedoll style, but its not required

I have Jolteon and a couple odds and ends wants listed under the cut! (has photos, not too pic heavy!)

First, heres some of my favorite pokemon. I may list some wants not in this list, but if you have items of pokemon in this list feel free to show me! I ESPECIALLY love vintage items of the first generation.
1st gen: raichu, eevee, vaporeon, flareon, dragonite, mew
2nd gen: umbreon, houndoom
3rd gen: dustox (rly want some kids)
6th gen: tyrunt/tyrantrum, goodra, noivern, xerneas, yveltal

Jolteon pictures are from happyjolteon's collection website!

Battle Dice
BurgerKing Jolteon game cartridge (not the gameboy, just the tiny game that goes inside!)
Minimodels (already own the clear green)
Pokedoll figure


Zoroarks From the TwistedSpoons weebly website
clipping figure
this kid in particular

For Noivern, I just want his figure (came in a set paired with jolteon) I'd buy the package too that has noivern/jolteon still in it because wow my two faves in one ;o;

Pokedolls: butterfree, raikou, entei, suicune, shadow lugia, giratina (altered form), raichu
*MINKY ONLY: the eeveelutions (except for Leafeon)

ect plush: Fluffy DX raichu

More will be added soon! I also have some non-pkmn wants:

Studio Ghibli merch (plushies and figures), Gore Magala merch (monster hunter), Blue Eyes White Dragon figures, Spyro the dragon merchandise, and shark plushies!

If you see your photo being used here and you dont want it to be, just tell me! Ill be more than happy to remove it

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