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Gets, wants, poketime Vulpix?

Hi everyone! <3
I'm back with another gets & wants post. :p I actually received this in the mail about a week agooo. I forgot to make a post about it because I was too excited! Why was I too excited?! Because so much CUTE! So much pink! Such baby blue eyes!

It's the PokePark DX Mew Pokedoll!
Big thanks to chain for selling it to me!

Omgomgomg this mew so precious. I just wanna carry it around all day, read bedtime stories, ahhhh. It is bigger than I thought. Perfect snuggle size. No hang tag, but that's OK because I got it for a great price. :) :)

Another get! I bought this custom 3ds xl case from Derilyn's Designs. And I'm in love!

Cut for more pictures!

It has an elastic button with magnetic closure. Dark chocolate trim. It's thick and really feels like it protects my 3ds.
I requested this design also because it's adorable.
Soft pink interior! It even has 8 cartridge slots for all dem 3ds games. :) lol I only have 2. Until the new mystery dungeon comes out!!!

So I really want a Pokemon Time Vulpix strap to match it. If you looked at the pictures, you can see I have a poketime skitty strap. As much as I love skitty, Vulpix would look so much better! I don't need the packaging or bookmark with Vulpix; I don't even need a strap (strap is preferable tho.) I just really want the Vulpix.
I'm hoping to spend around $30. Let me know what you think!
Tags: mew, vulpix
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