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Some Gets and Trades!

Hello everyone! I hope you're all doing well today! Today I've got a few gets to show you all, and I have some cards up for trade!

First of all, I participated in herar's Movie Plush Group Buy! This was the first GB I ever participated in, and it helped me become more comfortable with them! I also bought one of the tiny drawstring bags with my plushie n w n

When I saw the Hoopa plushie, I had to get it immediately! Also Herar wasn't joking when they said that the drawstring bags are REALLY tiny haha! Thank you so much! :D

About a week ago, I went to Toys R Us to get some Ancient Origins packs! I've been waiting for this pack to come out since Bandit Ring was announced so I was super excited!!! Here are the two awesome pulls I got!

Last week, I had gotten a card in the mail from pokemontrader!

I got the regular Hoopa EX! I was super excited to get this card because this is one of the main cards I wanted from the set! Thank you so SO much!

Now onto the trades!
My feedback can be found here!
I ship from Canada and I ship worldwide!

I'm trading the SR Trainer's Mail, and the shiny M Rayquaza EX!

I'm mainly looking looking for the full art Hoopa EX! Some of my other wants are the regular Giratina EX, full art Giratina EX, Absol EX promo, the regular and full art Aggron EXs and Mega Aggron EXes, full art Xerneas EX, and the Colress full art!

I'm open to any cards I don't have already though so show me what you've got!

Thanks for reading everyone and I'll see you all next time! :D
Tags: hoopa, tcg, trading
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