Brianna Morrow (irrisichide) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Brianna Morrow

Weeeeee :3 So many gets!

RECENTLY, I have been hardcore collecting emolgas <3 and I ABSOLUTELY LOVE every single one I've gotten!!! (And revarrie, I adore the thank you note you sent me, thank you!)
Here's a sweet preview:

And here's my collection as of now!

On to the individual cuties!

From Ebay:

Emolga Tomy Plush, Gashaphon Dex keychain Emolga, Emolga Petit strap, Giant Toy Factory Plush Emolga, BW ShoPro keychain plush Emolga, Emolga paper hat

From Pkmncollecters:

Mini Emolga Pokedoll, Musical Emolga plush, Emolga Petit plush From Polahbear on here c: Emolga Canvas plush (from revarrie on here!)
Emolga Attack kid (from Happyjolteon on here) Emolga pokecen plush (from aronmichald on here), Emolga Metal Tag, Emolga dot sprite pin, and Emolga McDonald's Pump (it's the McD's fig w/o a base) (from hantyhauntsuki on here c:)

The Dex Emolga is a lot smaller than I thought it'd be X3 so tiny and cute! It's about half the size of my Pepsi Nex Strap :O See for yourself:

And I still have the rythm beat emolga, and the last of the three emolga kids I needed on their ways to me, and there's a lovely pair of emolga ears up on Etsy that I'm gonna get as soon as I put my tip from work in the bank tomorrow <3
Tags: emolga, gets, pokemon
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