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Amazing gets & identification/bootie help?

Hello everyone! My internet is so fast today, I´m so happy that I can upload a lot of pics now! ^_^
I got SO many new awesome stuff! Wonderful customs, buggys, an amazing angry pikachu plush and beautiful tcg cards for my collection! Also, my caterpie sculpture I ordered on etsy as a commission is finished!! I don´t have it yet, but she shows me off a photo! And the sculpture looks SO awesome *_* I´m happy I will have it in my collection soon!

First up is this amazing angry pikachu plush I got from our member splash! It is really the funniest pika I´ve ever seen x,DDD I love him! <333

Isn´t he the cutest fatty pika ever? <333 (I really wanna know if there even exist snorlax and bulbasaur in angry style xDDD)
At the same day, I also got my package I ordered from oyatsucafe! I love japanese sweets like hi-chew and puccho (really you must try!!) and the neat pokemon soup! :D Angry-Chu was going to help me open it!

But unfortunately he really HATE soup! I haven´t find out as yet, what he like...XD

The best ever are customs!! <333

I got this beautiful card from our member plushlosophy as an art-trade!

The card is so well-made and beautiful and cute, I love it so much <333 ;_;
Really she did just such a great job on it!

Here it is along with my cookies! I definitely will trade or buy more cards from you!! (I´m just into finishing your drawing for the trade atm, I´m sorry it take me so long!)


This weekend I got a wonderful new custom butterfree! <3
I thought about to order a commission for a crocheted plush on etsy, but then I saw this butterfree which is one of my most favourite pkmn, so I thought why not buy him? And I got him this weekend :3 He is really cute and well-made!

Welcome to your new home butterfree Brianna!!

Butterfree: "Hey, really nice place here! It´s soooo cozy on my warm pokeball bed!"

I would love to buy a caterpie and metapod too someday, but unfortunately I read that the seller who made a lot of these crocheted pokemon isn´t willing anymore to do pokemon since it´s not her franchise and she prefer wanna sell other "animals". It´s really sad, but maybe I will order from her a fantasy bug someday ;_;


What´s next? The most excited custom ever!!! This sculpture will cost me just under 80$ @_@" But it is so worth it...just look how pretty it is! *_* The sculpture is just so perfect!! <333 As a reference, I used my favourite tcg-card, the caterpie vending machine card! (cannot find the pic as yet, sorry!)


This friday, I take off my package I ordered from buyee (yahoo japan) from the customs office! I was happy to manage it, cause I haven´t much time after my work since it was so late! But good that they have opened until 9:00 PM!
I got in the package my ordered 151 butterfree pin (mip) and a shogakukan bulbasaur pin, even mip, and the best: The reversible ledyba pokeball plush mip!!!

I´m proud to have the 151 butterfree pin hehe! Just need caterpie and metapod! Oh and, if anyone is interested to trade my bulbasaur pin vs. a metapod I would do this! (just the pin, not the package) ^_^

The customs office kept my package just because of the ledyba plush. They said, that often products from asia may content toxic chemicals! (I think it´s just because of that old chinese package) They wanted to be carefully in case this toy is for little children. And I should wash the ledyba before using it.
Coming home, I opened the package to look on ledyba and smells on it, in case I can smell any chemical. And YES, it smells horrible like chemical materials! @_@ I wasn´t sure if it could be a bootleg??? Or it only smells because of it´s age? My hands even smells like this after I touched it! But after washing my hands it was OK.

I decided to wash the ledyba with hand-washing by using warm water and just a bit washing powder.
Then all parts of it which are glued-on fall off (even all his legs) ;_;

So he looked like after washing IEEEEEEEEEEEEECK! I regretted so much that I washed him!
But I fixed it all with glue! It wasn´t the best solution since I couldn´t do this professional, so some parts of the fabric are hard through the glue...But he looks still pretty and much more clean than before! Even he don´t smell anymore...xD

He is just too cute anyway!!...I just hope he isn´t a bootie! I will let him be in the package, it looks so cool! ^_^ He is definitely my favourite ledyba plush!

New buggys arrived from the comm!!! <333

This card remembers me to the old movie!! And I love this pic with the many ledybas <333 (if anyone have more of these ledyba pics from that movie for sale, let me know!)

THIS heracross figure I found on yahoo japan for cheap and of course I bought it!! I´m pretty sure it´s official, but I wonder what figure this is? It´s exactly like a kid, but much smaller! Please help xO

Last thing :) Some PRETTY tcg cards!! I found them on ebay for a BIN price from 4-5$ per card and I find that´s a good deal, because they´re even all in mint condition! I ever wanted the arcanine and togetic, they´re one of the most beautiful cards to me. And I´m happy to have this old venusaur card *_* The japanese cards looks much more pretty to me <3

I wrote so much xD Hope it´s not too much! Thank you all for reading  and feel free to comment anything!

Btw, I lowered the prices on my etsy-store a LOT and have some new pokemon drawings there!
If you are interested please take a look :3
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