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Auction Reminder! eBay Lots Ending TOMORROW!

Hey comm!

Just a quick reminder that the items I put into lots from my sales post are up on eBay right now and are ending tomorrow!

As you may remember, there are three different lots up in total.

Here's a quick preview of the lots!

Sales permission granted by areica96 on March 21, 2015.</div>

My Feedback is HERE!

And here's the links for you to follow!

16 Piece Clear Bandai Kids Figure Lot

59 Piece Moncolle Tomy Figure Lot

39 Piece Miscellaneous Figure + Plush Lot

The lot for the Clear Kid figures is still at it's starting bid of just 0.99p and although the other two auctions have surpassed their starting price, there's still plenty of room to grab yourself a bargain! Get your max bids in and let me see these lovely 'mons go to a loving new home with someone on the comm! <3

Thanks for looking and best of luck to all you bidders out there! =D
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