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gets + sales reminder! :))

I got so many parcels the last weeks haha. So today I have some gets of Salamence, as always of Absol aaaand Ninetales :)) (Warning: Heavy post xD)

Here we go!

At first all my Salamence gets! :D

New cool plushies <3 I know I need more of this line and I know for sure that the Pokedoll will be expensive for me haha.

I could complete the first kid collection of Salamence and I got the shiny kid for a really cheap price :)) *happy* --- On the right site: The bath salt figure.

Left: The Salamence AG keychain from the 6th movie with Jirachi <3 --- Right: Medal figures! The last color (gold) is on the way to me ^o^

Edit (16:00 o'clock):

Got the last color some minutes in the mail XD Thank you shiny_vulpix <33 Medal figures complete!!

The hasbro and jakks figure <3 kidgengar helped me to buy the figures from ebay to save some money :D (also left you a feedback). Thank you very much <3

You can see my complete Salamence collection here:

Aaaand now my new Ninetales items!

Cool items from splash! The tomy figure and a blue Ninetales stamper <33 Thank you!

Also I got the last weeks some Ninetales stuff from hantsukihaunter Thanks! :))

My kid collection so far! Still need the old kids :C

You can see my complete Ninetales collection here:

Edit (16:00 o'clock): Lati gets!
The towels are received some minutes ago too lol. They are larger than I thought xD Very soft towels <33

Now my Absol gets. If you missed my last post about my custom plush: Here it is!

It is so very well made <3 I love it so much! Great work from a german facebook plush maker :))

A custom bookmark from agui_chan. I love it! I love the blue colors and the Mega Absol <33 Thank you!

The Pokemon Time sticker sheet feat. Absol :D I still need the pencil of the promotion :C *neeeeeed*

Thats all guys! :D

Also a quick question: Do you have a complete figure collection of any lines?
I have! I have a complete TFG Absol figure collection and a complete kid collection :))
Also my kid collection of Mightyena is complete <3 Looooooky!

The picture is a little bit blurry... But in the middle it is the sparkly kid xD

If yes: Show me your pics guys!

Sales reminder:

Sales permission granted by entirelycliched on 19 SEP 2014
Sales are here:


Thanks guys for reading and looking!

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