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Sales and Wants

Next to my normal sales:
I also have these sleeves for sale:

If there is more interest I might be able to get more packs of these!

~ I got sales permission from lineaalba January 8th 2010
~ I only accept Paypal as form of payment
~ I ship worldwide from the Netherlands
~ All prices are listed in US dollars, shipping and fees are not included in this price
~ Link to my feedback:
~ I'm not responsible for lost packages and I will not refund them

And now for some wants. :)
Arcanine metal figure.pngArcanine TCG Wants.png
no titleno titleno titleno title
Bigger pictures and more info under the cut!

Arcanine metal figure.png
These are all the colors I own. I'm looking for the only color that I know exists that I am missing which is silver.
However I am also looking to replace some of the colors I already own because they aren't in great shape. Gold and blue have priority.
If possible I would like to trade for the extra ones I own, bronze, purple and green.
If you own another color not shown here, I would love to see pictures!!

Arcanine TCG Wants.png
These are the Arcanine cards I am missing. But cards don't have a big priority for me, so my budget for them is not super high. I pick some up every now and then when I get a good deal however. :)

no title
The never released Pikachu pouch plush from the I love Pikachu promo. I'm on the look-out for maybe a prototype if one has ever been made.

no title
Ivysaur 'Ken Sugimori' pose. I'm only looking for a Tomy (non-Auldey) version.

no title
Grail number 2
Only ever saw 1 of these for sale (well it was a GA and it was lost) on the 5 years I've been a member here. Plus, there are only two people from the community that I know own 1. One has a green base and the other one red. =P

no title
Arcanine clear kid figure.
Not super high priority, but still a want ;)
Thank you for reading and have a wonderful day :)

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