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Hi everyone! I've been rather busy with work and setting up a sewing room, but now that I finally have some free time before my next semester of classes start I figured I'd show off some of my amazing recent gets~ I'm hoping classes won't make me too busy so I can focus on sewing and collecting more ^-^'

First up was this package! They threw in a ton of pokemon tissues, it caught me by suprise considering I had only won the small white box.
But what could possibly be in the small white box?...

The shiny Mega Rayquaza lottery kid :D

its hard to see but this figure is super shimmery! Really sets it apart from the other shiny kids in my collection!

A few days after that arrived the new set of tcg had come out, so I stopped and picked up a few boosters, as well as an awesome new binder with shiny m-rayquaza and shiny primal groudon!
I came home afterwords and got a package from noppin with the rest! I managed to get the talking plusle/minun for super cheap, and the clear glaceon kid was the last glaceon kid I needed!
Theres actually only 3 glaceon figures I'm missing now! (that I know of anyway!)
and yet again another small white box with something super amazing inside...

The silver kay uno glaceon necklace!!! I wish I could have gotten all three versions, but I am glad I was able to at least get this one! It's very pretty, and super hard to photograph! Much too small and shiny for closeup photos unfortunately!

I also stopped by toys r us a few days ago and picked up these guys! I was bummed that they didn't have the m-venusaur figure, but at least I got my hands on ivysaur! I love the poses of these figures, the size and everything reminds me a lot of the jakks figures. I can't wait to see what other pokemon will get figures in this line. I'm hoping for a glaceon thats in scale with the tomy eevee *v*

And last of all, todays gets! I ordered these guys from sunyshore. I'm so glad they rereleased the slowpoke pokedoll, its so round and adorable. I aDORE the new venusaur plush. I really wish they'd release pokecen plush of the middle evos so I could have an ivysaur...

Hope you are all having a great week so far!
Here's a link to my sales while I'm at it~
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