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Cards, cards and more cards!

Mmm. I love me some pretty cards.

Damn right it's a game. I've been after this for a long time, and it even came with a bonus to boot :D One part of my collection I haven't shown people is that I actually collect the games in english and japanese. It's getting nice and big now <3

Girafarig peers on at his fellow package mate, the pair having arrived to the household this morning together.

Back of the box! :D You can be a girl in this one (though it looks like our hero from GB1... with a chest and different colour clothes XD)

INSIDE THE BOX. Wait, what is that there, next to the cartridge holder?

8D Awesome!

My family of GB promo cards. I've got Evil Ivysaur on the way, and I need to get Venusaur, then I believe I have all of the GB promos they made? I'll have to check my checklists again :D
(I am so proud to have that Evil Fearow <3 He was worth the battle).

Well my gameboy doesn't work anymore...

Gamecube GB Player time! 8D

The title screen. Scrolls through some very nicely done pixel art of the card art (hey, this was on the GBC, it was limited :D)

The first 4 odd minutes of the game. In GB2 you can choose to be a boy or a girl, just like in Crystal. It begins with Great Rocket coming and stealing all the cards from the original island gyms, then shows us meeting the professor and getting our first deck! Doctor Ooyama wants us to go after Great Rocket. I also give a quick run through of the new start-button menu system.

- Profile/Status Screen
- Save
- Deck
I show off some of the cards you get in your first deck here. GB2 features cards all the way up to Rocket, but also features special promos, and cards from the Squirtle and Bulbasaur decks.

- Minicon
This is the new PC function, you can access it on the go now instead of having to be in a gym to view your mail

- Coin
You now can get different coins. Simply aesthetic, but you can switch through the coins you get.

- Options

And now for some more card stuffs that have arrived recently!

What could be in these...

8D All of the original base set in Japanese

Y hallo thar my pretty.

Fushigibana will always be my favorite base set card. I still remember pulling him in english back in the day <3 His artwork is so pretty, I hope they reprint him one day with the new reprint lines they've been doing.

Mmm. Hello all of Jungle 8D

Fossil? You came along for the collection too? <3 I'm still sorting Jungle and Fossil into my folders, but as soon as they are, they'll be scanned for collectorviper.

Three generations of Charizard :D English Gen I, Japanese Gen I, and the new Charizard reprint from DP6.

8D I still personally don't understand why people don't like these reprints. I love them. I guess you had to be a player back in the day, not just a collector, to appreciate what they came from and why they were reprinted just as they were. <3 But there they are with all their generation I counterparts.

Woo :D
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