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So after countless hours of searching Y!J and eBay I finally found this card. But here's the sad part. I was out bid at the last second. -stupid snipers-

I was so sad that i lost this auction, I really had my sights set on FINALLY getting this card. But alas it is not ment to be . . . or is it?

this is where you come in. Does ANYONE know where i might be able to find this card. I hace searched all over the place. I've asked people that I knew had it if they were willing to sell or trade for ungodly amounts. But they all refuse. So I as you, The community, if you can help me find this card. I'm like so close to finishing my collection. I'm working on getting the really hard to get ones right now. -this one being the most difficult-

Seriously, if anyone can help or just might happen to have it and would sell, trade, whatever i think i would have a heart attack. and after that you'd become the hero for the rest of my life.

Mew is laughing at my failtastic efforts.
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