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First gets update! Plus a grail get!!

Hello again wonderful pkmn community!

It's been awhile since my very first post and boy have I been a busy bee with buying! So I figured an update was in order! Without further ado here are some new additions to my ever growing collection.

To start, Squritle and Bulbasaur are to complete my pokemoncenter trio. Charmander is happy to have some new friends (despite their differences)!
Ninetails, Ninetails, Ninetails plush! As soon as I saw one had been released I wanted to get one, but kept forgetting to order one until I saw pepperzark selling one! She's so cute o_o Still waiting for Arcanine to get a proper plush.... someday....hopefully...ANYWAY

FLUFFY Pikachu! SO FLUFFY. SO PERFECT! And very very cuddly! All thanks to classypersian

Next up we have a pokedoll charizard, however it's a bootie :( but a friend gave it to me as a gift so I can't hold it against him.

I've been after a Canvas Totodile for awhile andpepperzark had him for a PERFECT price so I just had to get him (once again, thank you!).

Canvas Ampharos was another random want (thanks to rypeltajaroll!). I'm really in love with the canvas line, not sure if I want to collect them though. After all I still want to have some money >_<'

Eevee was another random want and I saw her on eBay for a decent price and boy was I one happy camper when she came. SO SOFT AND FLUFFY. Currently my snuggle buddy <3

Now to the good stuff!! I'm in the middle of growing my Growlithe/Arcanine collection which was my original reason for wanting to join the community instead of just lurking lol. I saw that luckymissclover had a Growlithe Kid for sale so I picked him up to kick off my collection and since then</lj> I've started ordering the other Growly/Archy kid figures some of which are currently on the way!

And tyltalis had the beadsprite for sale so of course I just had to grab it! It's even better in person too!
Now on to my very first grail get! A HUGE thank you to soge94. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!!

Is that?! No...it can't be! BUT IT IS!!


I CAN'T EVEN DEAL! I never thought I'd find one so soon into my collecting adventure. I'm still so dazed looking at its perfection *_*

That's it for now! I'm working on a wants list which should be done by my next update (should be a big one). I have A LOT of stuff on the way, I got a little out of control >_<

Also I'd really appreciate if people I bought from left me feedback (link)! Someday I'd like to give back to the community with trades/sales too!

Speaking of the community, I must say you are all so great and so nice! I feel so welcomed which is making me wish I would've joined sooner!

Anyway until next time! Keep on collecting~
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